Farm Fresh

I don’t consider our place a farm, but I do consider it our homestead. We have a garden every year that provides us with fresh vegetables to eat throughout the summer and some to put up for use in the winter. When we used to raise chickens for the meat, and my husband gets a […]

Mini Doughnuts

My mom gave me a set of two mini doughnut pans for baking doughnuts in the oven. Well guess what I have been doing today? Yep, making doughnuts! I did some experimenting and decided two things. First I did come to a conclusion that you could use any recipe that you find on Pinterest or […]

A Berry Good Cookie

I haven’t made cookies in a while and I had that guilt syndrome kick in today. I wasn’t in the mood to make the usual chocolate chip or peanut butter, so I went through the cupboards to see what was on hand. Hmm, premade sugar cookie pouch, a package of dried fruit and the white […]