My Crazy Life

Did you think that I disappeared off of the face of the earth? I am not sure what has happened to my laptop, but it seems that when January 1st hit, my laptop started doing some crazy things. It is an old, 5 years, computer and I had been babying it along by buying a […]

The Chimney Part 1

We have always been do it yourselfers around here, whether it is yard work or big projects on the house. This summer has been no exception around here. Of course I think that the summer has gone by too quickly, but that is another story. When we built our home, we had left a spot […]

A Little of This And That

My son is working a shift that requires him to go to bed real early so we needed a new curtain for his bedroom. When I got out of work yesterday I ran to our local Big Lots to see what kinds of curtains they had. I found exactly what I was looking for and […]

Rustic Appeal

If you saw my post on Saturday, you saw that I was a happy girl finding a washstand/dry sink at a garage sale. I have been busy so it has been sitting in my living room since then and we have been walking around it. Today was a day to stay home and do some cleaning, so it […]

Cleaning and Purging

Tis the time of year to start getting rid of junk. I am talking BIG junk, not just the little things that can be donated to the thrift shop. I am talking about broken items or things that you really shouldn’t donate to anyone. Around here our local townships and boroughs have cleanup days so […]