Pantry and Garden Chat

It’s been almost a year since many started buying up seeds and starting their first garden, or maybe they had a garden but never canned what they grew. While I’ve been a long time canner and I have a supply of jars for my needs, I know how hard it was to find canning lids […]

Farm Fresh

I don’t consider our place a farm, but I do consider it our homestead. We have a garden every year that provides us with fresh vegetables to eat throughout the summer and some to put up for use in the winter. When we used to raise chickens for the meat, and my husband gets a […]

Around The Homestead

Why does it always seem that the month of May just goes by way too fast? Between Mother’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday there is always something to do. Add the graduation this year and there is the usual outdoor chores that are needing tended to, the month is gone in a blink of […]

A Wet Spring

It has been a wet spring around here in NW PA.  We had a neighbor mention that this was the first time that his riding mower has been stuck in his yard, and that is saying something since we live on a hill. I had been itching all winter to get our garden started and […]

Around The Homestead

It has been a crazy and hectic last couple of days so I thought that I would leave you with a few pictures of what is growing on the homestead. I took these pictures while I was hanging laundry on the line. Roses are blooming from one of the bushes that we planted this spring. […]

Garden Fresh

Finally our garden is producing! After so much rain and now we are having extreme heat, the garden is doing well. We have lots of tomatoes growing and I even checked our grape tomatoes. We have tons that are green and several that are orange red. There were several this morning that were perfect for […]


It has been awhile since I have been on here. Family in from out of town, day trip with the family and work doesn’t leave a whole lot of time left in a day. Well, I am back! I noticed that we had our first daylily open the other day so I took a picture […]