My Morning Commute

I left the house this morning around 11:00 am and it was so foggy here on the hill that it was actually kind of creepy but yet beautiful at the same time. I took a few pictures for you to see what I saw this morning. The fog was so thick that you couldn’t see […]

Spring Has Sprung???

I am sure that some of you have thought that I have been missing in action since I haven’t posted in awhile, but I am ok. I have had numerous doctor appointments so between those and work, I have been very busy. Yesterday I had to play chauffer for my daughter as her vehicle needed […]

Maple Syrup Weekend 2014

Once again it is Maple Syrup weekend here in NW PA. Farms and individuals in the area will open up their sugar shacks to the public and give tours. Most of them also sell maple peanuts, peanut butter, maple candy and even a maple rub for grilling meat. Oh and don’t forget the famous maple syrup! […]

Ice Jam

With the crazy winter that we have been having, it doesn’t come as any surprise that our local rivers and creeks have frozen over. I think that this winter was the coldest that we have had in a long time here in NW PA. I live near a creek that actually is as big as a […]

Winter Already?

This was a scene yesterday from the front yard yesterday morning. We went to bed last night thinking that we were going to get another 5 inches by morning. Guess what? We didn’t get any! I hope that this isn’t going to be a long winter. This was a picture that I took last winter. […]