The Chimney Part 2

Oh the chimney….Who knew that it was going to take so long to put stones up? But guess what? We are finally done except for the waterproofing. Can you hear a great big hurrah? I was at work when I had a text message from my husband telling me that he had put the last […]

The Chimney Part 1

We have always been do it yourselfers around here, whether it is yard work or big projects on the house. This summer has been no exception around here. Of course I think that the summer has gone by too quickly, but that is another story. When we built our home, we had left a spot […]

Around The Homestead

Why does it always seem that the month of May just goes by way too fast? Between Mother’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday there is always something to do. Add the graduation this year and there is the usual outdoor chores that are needing tended to, the month is gone in a blink of […]

Organizing The Clutter Part 2

Even though it is a sunny day here, I am inside with our kitty who was spayed yesterday. She is a little under the weather still so I decided to hang out inside today. She is my little side kick. When she is her perky self, she thinks nothing of jumping up on the couch […]