Bargain Shopping-Frugal Living

It’s that time of year when rummage and garage sales are starting up and many people, including me, are anxious to get out and find that big bargain. Well today I went to a rummage sale and found many things that I needed along with many other items including somethings for my mom. I love poking through stuff, or as some put it, junk. Hey sometimes those junk piles just might net you something that you have been looking for and finally found it. I think my favorite finds today were several books including a never been used journal and a gardening book that also had personal notes and paper clippings that someone cut out to save for future use. This is like finding a cookbook with hand written recipe notes included.
The left of the picture is everything that I found at the sale and my total out of pocket was only $5. If the tops that I bought do not fit either me or my mom they will be donated to a church thrift shop. The white shoes are the kind that I like to wear with shorts or capri’s in the summer months and these were brand new and my size so I was happy to find a new pair for less than what I would pay in a store. The Christmas tote will be used for putting Christmas presents in for someone this year instead of using wrapping paper or the paper bags. Well, hubby thinks he needs chocolate lol. The next store was not planned but for some reason I felt the need to pop in and I am so glad that I did. I have heard that toilet paper will be going up in price and since I knew this store carries the big 20 roll pack of Scott toilet paper at a decent price, I decided to pick one up. This is all we use since we have a septic and it works for us. This store also has a clearance section so I stopped by there and I found three five pound bags of Gold Medal white whole wheat flour for $2.52 each, one six pack of Dove soap for $4, and many packs of boneless pork chops, pork steaks and two small beef roasts all reduced. With the price of meat skyrocketing I was super happy to find these to put in our freezer for future meals. I spent $48.21 and saved close to $30. The cashier was having a hard time getting things to scan so my receipt doesn’t show exactly how much I saved so I had to estimate my savings.

Now if you add my total savings from both stores my savings come to $37.80. But if you configure the savings of some of the used items that I bought from the rummage sale my savings balance is much higher. Every little bit helps, right?

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, my total out of pocket for everything in the picture cost me $57.69.

Today was the start of our cutting wood for our next winter season. This not only gives us exercise, but also saves on our electric bill during the winter months. I also hung towels on the clothesline today so that saved on the electric bill as well. I try to hang dry our clothing all year round indoors, but it’s so refreshing to hang them in the sunshine.

What do you do to save money?


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