Weekly Savings

We are a little over a week into the new year and my frugality is in full swing. I don’t want to bore everyone with little details on how I saved money in this post, but instead I will just give you the things I did to save money. Some of them you might find a little different, but they work for me and my family. Keep in mind that the little savings do add up to become big savings in the long run.

This weeks frugal accomplishments:

*I cut up one of hubby’s paint stained t shirts for dusting rags. Cotton tee’s make great dust rags!

*I washed several plastic Ziploc bags. I try to not spend too much on paper and plastic goods, so this keeps the costs down. One would argue why even use them? There are certain things that I like to store in them like homemade rolls, pancakes etc. and the bags are easy to clean with dry items stored in them. I do not wash bags that had meat in them, whether the meat was cooked or not.

*My daughter colored my hair. I personally cannot use store bought hair color as I think that I am allergic to it. So instead I use a product called Henna and it is very natural and has an earthy smell to it. So we spend a mother/daughter day together and she colors my hair. Here is a post about it.

*I cooked about half of our dinners in the crockpot instead of in the oven to cut electric costs. I try to make a little extra for leftovers to take in lunches as it is cheaper and healthier than buying lunch meat.

*I used coupons to get a few things reduced or free at the grocery store.

In these pictures are the few items that I bought using coupons except the snack mix which was 50¢ a bag at Aldi. I paid $20.53 for all of this and I got back 50¢ from Saving Star and $3.50 back in coupons for my next order. Our freezer is full of cheese and the snack mix can be eaten as a snack or I might chop it up to put into muffins. The sale price of the cheese alone would have been $22.50 so I think that I did pretty well.

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money. There is no way that I would have paid full price for this brand of cheese, because I usually buy my staples like this at Aldi. But with the sale price and the coupons that I had I couldn’t pass up this deal as it was definitely cheaper than my usual price that I am willing to pay. I will stock my freezer when the rock bottom prices come along.

I hope that this is an incentive for everyone to make 2016 a frugal year!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Savings

  1. I have JUST been thinking about how I can improve on our overuse of baggies, and maybe washing them would be the answer! How do you dry them?? 🙂 Thanks for the motivation.

    • I use an on the counter paper towel holder to hang my bags on. I can wash two bags and dry them at the same time. One person I know has an inclosed porch and she strung a closeline up to hang her bags by clothes pins. Just make sure they are completely dry before reusing them.

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