Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

Well, it is Easter weekend and in my home that means lets clean out the refrigerator to make room for all of the leftovers from Easter dinner. Every holiday family comes to my home as it seems easier to hold everyone, and I like to cook. But even when family takes their share of leftovers home, I still have our leftovers to store and that is when I make sure that there is room for them. For several days before the big dinner, we try to use up what is in the fridge and I came up with the realization that we had a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and a block of low fat cream cheese that I could use for a meal. Grilled cheese, tossed salad and fresh fruit for dessert came to my mind. Sooo, that is how the popper sandwich came to my mind. When I told my hubby that was what we were going to have he gave me that weird look and I told him that he would like it. He walked away from me at that point.


My local store was running a deal with an e-coupon that their brand of sandwich bread was free so I used it up in these sandwiches since it isn’t the best used fresh. I buttered enough for my son and hubby for their sandwiches just like I would a grilled cheese.

sandwich 3

I sometimes keep jalapeno peppers on hand so I chopped one pepper up for these sandwiches.

sandwich 2

I use a low fat cream cheese so it is easier to cut and spread. I didn’t spread it on the bread as it would have torn it up. You could use the whipped kind and maybe it would spread easier.

sandwich 4

I put a couple of strips of cream cheese down, then sprinkled some of the peppers, then another few strips of cheese on top. To make it easier to put the cream cheese on, I put the bread buttered sides together and put the cheese on one side. Then I put that slice on the griddle and put the other buttered slice on top.

sandwich 5

Cook as you would any grilled cheese and enjoy the “popper” flavor. When I was making these, I mentioned to my son that some cooked bacon would be good sprinkled in these as well so that is my next adventure. Oh and my hubby enjoyed it very much!

Today will be more cleaning out the fridge and making sure that I will have room for all of the goodies tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!



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