Meat Substitute

I am sure that everyone knows by now that I eat healthy, even though the rest of the family doesn’t always follow with me on this subject. I also like to find new foods and ideas for new dishes that are healthy as well as easy on the budget. Have any of you tried lentils and bulgur wheat? I remember many years ago reading in The Tightwad Gazette that she gave a recipe for making burritos with this combination. I never tried it with her recipe but I did use ground meat and the burritos were very good. Now that I am always finding a healthier alternative for meat, I dug this recipe out. I know that my taste buds have changed, but I actually found these two items not too bad as an alternative to meat. Now my family on the other hand had to add more “stuff” to their burritos, like salsa, sauce and cheese.

lentils 2

You don’t have to buy this brand, but I had a good coupon for it so I thought I would buy it. I am sure that if you went to a bulk food store they would have some there. When you do purchase it, the remaining that you don’t use has to be refrigerated.

lentils 3

I purchased my lentils at Aldi for 79¢ a bag so they can be purchased pretty cheap. I know that I have seen bags of them for like a $1 at dollar stores so I know that can’t be too expensive elsewhere. I also have my homemade taco seasoning in the picture.


You will need to use equal parts of each the lentils and wheat, this will be your mixture. Then mix one part of this mixture with two parts of water for around 45 minutes. This will be your base for different meals.


I actually made my own flour tortillas and took the lentil mixture and mixed it with a little less than 1/4 cup of taco seasoning. We all thought that they turned out ok, but like I said, the others added extra goodies to theirs.

lentils 4

The leftover mixture I left in the fridge for a future meal, chili. Well, actually the rest of the family wanted hotdogs so I made chili for myself and if they wanted some to put on their hotdogs they could. I baked a potato and put my chili mixture on top with some other toppings and I thought that it was pretty good.

With all of this in mind, I didn’t spend that much on either the lentils or the wheat, and with the price of meat rising I think that I will be keeping these items in my pantry. I still have plenty of both and I am sure I will be able to get several more meals out of them. So much cheaper than ground meat, and much healthier as well. If you want to calculate the numbers, I roughly spent 75¢ for this “meat” mixture for the two meals that I made, and I also put some leftovers into my freezer for later use.

I am thinking of trying this next time as a burger, who knows maybe everyone will like it and not just me 🙂



2 thoughts on “Meat Substitute

  1. We use beans for burgers as well as an added item to salads. Another good alternative to replacing meat is using mushrooms. Much healthier too. Saving money and eating healthier at the same time. A true gift:)

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