Sometimes life can throw you a curveball. You can go along, day after day, and life seems to go smooth. Then bam! There is that curve in the road of life that you have to get through one way or another. Money. Money is that curve that everyone experiences at least one time in their life. Some are fortunate to never have money problems and others have them all of the time due to lack of knowledge and spending too much, or maybe medical or unforeseen bills. If one is smart they can live below their means and always have money in case of those unforeseen circumstances. Case in point, me and my husband. We have had an unexpected situation arise and we have to come up with a sum of money. Do we have the money? Yes, but to me and my mind there goes our little cushion that I am used to having. Will we be ok after we pay this sum of money? Yes, but I will make sure that we will build our cushion back up as soon as possible. I also have some decisions to make in my life that involve money, so being frugal is more important now more than ever.

The ways we try to stay frugal are simple, we don’t try to keep up with the Jones’ s next door. We buy used items when it is the right thing to do.  We made a decision that we will only eat out maybe twice a month, I prefer once a month. These are the big ways of saving money, but I also save on the little ways like hanging up clothes instead of putting them in the dryer, etc.

One thing that I have been doing is stocking my pantry with items that I am getting free or for pennies.

blog frugal 2

In the last week I was able to purchase these items for $1.70. While I don’t like to purchase hot dogs, they are no different than someone wanting to eat out. But at 25¢ each they were a bargain. The toothbrush was 49¢, mushrooms were free at Giant Eagle with their new eAdvantage program, and the sour cream was 69¢ with an e coupon loaded to my card.

blog frugal

The brown sugar was free with Saving Star. I just activated the deal on my account and when I purchased it, Saving Star added the amount I spent to my account.

I am trying to keep our amount of money spent out of our pockets to a minimum. Some days it is hard, but when you keep your mind set on the reason why you are not spending money, it will keep your hands in your pockets.  If you are used to eating out three nights a week, and you spend roughly $40 each time, that is $120 a week! That is crazy! In ten weeks that is $1200! Just think of what you could do with that kind of money. Maybe pay off some bills, or take a vacation. Being frugal might seem like you are giving things up, but giving up a few things is worth your piece of mind at night when your bills are paid and you are trying to sleep.

There are many websites, blogs and Facebook pages that devote advice on saving money. Even though I have been a die hard frugal person, I am still trying to find more ways to save. This curve in my road will straighten out, by following advice, and ideas on how to save more money and get through it one day at a time.



6 thoughts on “Frugality

  1. Hi Beth, we have been in a similar situation so many times and like you, I look for even more frugal ways then too. Every situation has worked out just fine 😄

    One bit of advice I read long ago, when faced with a need or wondering how to do something, think about how your grandmother might of done it. Her way may be more work but it almost always simpler and cheaper.

    I will enjoy reading your frugal doings. At the moment our finances are fine but we are trying to pay off our only debt so we can be truly debt free and so that my husband can retire if he wants to. So I doing everything I can to spend little and sock away savings.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Rhonda. We have had our share of financial problems when our children were little, but we haven’t had any since, so this threw me off a little. I am actually digging through my stash of books on thrift to get some more ideas.

  2. What are some of the websites and blogs that you read about being frugal? I’m always looking for new ideas….. Thanks

    • My favorite blog is The Prudent Homemaker. If you are willing to take steps to financial freedom then I recommend Dave Ramsey. He does the Total Money Makeover. If you are on Facebook there are loads of pages and groups devoted to thrift, frugality and coupons. Check them out.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Though we have an emergency fund, it’s no fun to use it because then we have to replace it. We will need to dip into that because our taxes are not as we had planned because of my job change.
    Hope you are well, Jen

    • I absolutely hate having to pay back our emergency fund. Just the thoughts of it kills me. On the plus side, I am cleaning out more clutter to sell a few things so I don’t have to pay back so much to the fund. I am doing ok, and I hope you are well too.

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