How To Spend A Snowy Sunday Afternoon

Here it is March 1st and it is snowing, AGAIN! I am so tired of the temps being below freezing and snow falling all of the time. Why not have a carb and sugar loaded kind of day? So I spent a little time in the kitchen this morning making peanut butter no bakes and apple crisp.

no bakes 2

I had canned some apples last fall so it didn’t take me long to whip up this lovely dessert.

no bakes

Who doesn’t love peanut butter no bakes? Everyone will enjoy these in their lunches this week….if they last that long.

After cleaning up the kitchen I had mentioned to my daughter that we could make s’mores. So we loaded up our arms with candy bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers and headed to the basement.

smore 3

Nothing like having a woodstove in the basement to keep warm, or roast a marshmallow in :).

smore 4

smore 2

The smell of the marshmallow roasting sure brings back the smell of summertime.


Look at this beauty! Have I temped your taste buds yet? Or have I tempted you into wanting spring and summer to arrive?

Now that I am on sugar overload, how do you spend your snowy Sunday afternoons?






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