Shopping and Rain Checks

How many of you go to the grocery store to get something that is on sale only to find an empty shelf? I have done this numerous times and it can be so frustrating when I leave the store empty handed. What I do however is go to the service desk and get a rain check for the items I need.

rain checks

A little over a week ago, my local Giant Eagle had deodorant on sale and it was B1G1F and it’s original price was $2.49. When I went to get it during the sale cycle it was out, so I got a rain check to be able to get the sale price later. I went to the store yesterday and I got the amount that I had coupons for  so I only paid 49¢ total for two deodorants. If I would have had more $1 coupons, I could have bought up to six with my rain check. My store puts a limit of six  items on a rain check, so if I could have found more coupons then I could have bought more.

My store also had the cereal that is in the picture on sale for $1.99 each and granola for the same price. I have $1 off coupons for each product so it can make for some cheap cereal and granola. Well, the shelf for the granola was empty so I made my way to the service desk to get my rain check. I now have my coupons and rain check stashed in my coupon binder for the next time I go to the store. Check with your store to see how long your rain check is good for, mine is good for two weeks.


The granola bars weren’t bought with a rain check, they came from the reduced rack. My son loves protein bars and whenever I see this brand on sale, I usually buy them. They don’t have as much junk in them as some other brands do. I popped into my local Tops the other day to get some cheese that was on sale and I always look at the clearance table when I am in there. Regular retail of these bars is $4.19 and they were on clearance for $2.10. Half off so I bought all of the protein bars and three of the granola bars since I like those. Good price but I wish I would have had coupons for them. The dates on them don’t expire until the end of the year so they will last us for awhile. I don’t usually see coupons for this brand unless they are on No rain checks, but it pays to check out the clearance racks or tables in your stores. The downside to finding this great deal was that several boxes had shelf tags on them that might tell me they may be discontinuing them. Well, at least I am stocked up for now.

It might be a hassle standing in line at the service desk, but in the long run it will save you money to get a rain check.





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