Laundry Savings

It has been a long time since I have had an actual normal, working laptop. I am so excited to be able to type on a keyboard instead of on my phone to run my Facebook page! Yeah!!

In all of the changes in my life lately, I am still keeping up with saving money at the grocery store and keeping my pantry stocked. I haven’t been to the grocery store for an actual weeks groceries by myself in months. Between the cold and snow, and I am not allowed to be walking much in the cold, I have always had someone with me to help. Sometimes it is hard to use coupons and compare prices when someone is standing there watching your every move, but I finally realized that it made it easier to delegate someone to either push the cart while I get what I need, or tell them to go to an aisle to get what I needed. It made shopping easier and quicker to delegate.

I do make small trips to our local Dollar General, that way I can shop alone. My store is coupon friendly, clean and only a few miles from my home, so I can make quick trips and not have to worry about taking someone with me.


wisk laundry

With their sale and coupons that I used, I paid $2.50 for each bottle. Not free, but not full price either. I know that some places this week have other brands on sale, but we can only use certain brands that won’t give us rashes.

I am trying to keep our food pantry and our toiletry/laundry pantry stocked up on items that I can get at rock bottom prices since I am not working as many hours as I was. I am at home more so I am keeping my coupons organized and ready for the next sale!





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