My Crazy Life

Did you think that I disappeared off of the face of the earth? I am not sure what has happened to my laptop, but it seems that when January 1st hit, my laptop started doing some crazy things. It is an old, 5 years, computer and I had been babying it along by buying a new battery, charger and I thought that it would have helped it. It was fine until the beginning of the month then all of a sudden, it has been running so slow that you literally cannot do anything on it. Now I am borrowing my daughters until I can figure out which one I want to buy. Not sure if it will be a laptop or a tablet. Such decisions…….

I also have been seeing my cardiologist to figure out how to get exercise back into my life again. I will start cardiac rehab for the first time since my heart attack, (three years ago) and I am hoping that will help me from getting tired so much. I have already taken some measures to help me not get so tired, but they are not working. If none of these work then I will have some decisions to make. This is definitely something that I have to deal with the rest of my life.

I have been doing a lot of bargain shopping when I can, and have also been keeping to my “no spend” January except for necessities. I only buy groceries and medicines and anything that we must have, like a new battery for our tractor to plow out the driveway :). I looked at our bank account today and it is actually up from this time last month, yeah!!

I have also been making some new recipes, which I wish that I could share, but my computer also decided not to let me post pictures anymore either. I have to say that I really miss posting recipes the most. I have always felt relaxed in the kitchen and I enjoy sharing recipes with others.

Don’t forget that if you don’t see me on here, I do have a Facebook page that you can check out. I might not have my recipes on there, but I keep it updated on a fairly regular basis. Just go through my link and you will find me 🙂

I have missed everyone and I hope that within the near future I will be typing on my own computer!



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