A New Frugal Year

With the new year soon upon us, I am looking forward to tightening our belts around here. Even though we are frugal around here, there are those times that we do find ourselves spending money on things that normally we don’t do. Maybe we went out to eat too much in a months time, or maybe something came up that was an emergency. Whatever caused us to spend too much, it makes you come back to reality and tighten the belt just a little bit more.

With all of that said, January will be my “no spend” month, if it isn’t a necessity we are not buying it. We will not be eating out either, unless we use one of the gift cards that we got as presents for Christmas. Sometimes in years past there have been excellent coupons and sales in the month of January for stock up items at grocery stores. Around the holidays there are the baking items to stock up on, but in January there are usually sales on toiletry items that I stock up on. I do stock up on these items when they hit rock bottom prices, so this will be a necessity in keeping my budget in line for the year.

After Christmas we had so many leftovers that I really didn’t need to grocery shop, except for  things like milk, bread and fresh fruits and veggies, so the money that I didn’t usually spend went to purchase meat that was on sale. I went to three different stores to get pork loin for $1.88 lb., I bought $30 worth, chicken breast for $1.68 lb. and bought $30 worth and last I bought a half ham for $1.59 lb. and it’s price was $15. I also used some coupons to get a few things that we use a lot of that were on sale.


Sunbelt was running a  B1G1F coupon on their Facebook page for several days before Christmas and you were aloud to print off two of them, so I used those coupons and everything else was on sale and I had coupons. Total out of pocket was $10.27. Not free but better than paying full price for things that we use on a daily basis.

Our freezer is full, shelves are full and we are ready for our “no spend” month. We will be eating out of the pantry for the month except for the perishables that we will need. That takes care of our grocery part of the budget, now we have to be careful of what we spend elsewhere. We are used to shopping sales and thrift shops for clothes and the like, so if for some reason we need something that is where we will shop first, except for my son’s work clothes.

I do have a doctor’s appointment in January, so I am hoping that my checkup will not need me to go for more tests as that means more copays out of our pocket. I usually spend approximately $60 – $80 a month out of pocket for my meds so that is something that I can’t control, it’s a necessity.

I think that we are ready to tighten our belts a little more and save, save, save!




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