Past Weeks Savings

Last week our local Giant Eagle had deal on Tide pods. I don’t normally buy those as I think that they are a money waster. They may be convenient, but they are not economical, unless you follow the steps I took. I belong to Saving Star and I had noticed that they had a promotion that if you spent $30 or more on certain products, you would receive $10 back. Well I took my trusty $2 coupons with me to the store and used 4 since you can only use four per family per day. Plus I wasn’t sure how much would be counted towards my Saving Star account. The pods were on sale for $3.99 each and with a minus $2 coupon, the price would be $1.99 each. Sure enough, I had reached half of my goal towards the $10 savings. So in the end, I bought 8 bags of pods for a total of $16 plus tax, minus $10 Saving Star credit for a grand total of $6 plus tax. Great price for detergent! I have heard horror stories about those pods staining clothes, so I just use them on jeans, and towels.


This was the first batch of bags that I purchased.

I also did some Christmas shopping using coupons for certain stores. My total before coupons was $53 and after was $26. Between those purchases and some items that will be homemade, I have several gifts done and have stayed under my budget.

I purchased my groceries at Aldi and just a couple other items at Giant Eagle and stayed under budget this past week. I actually did that on purpose because my paycheck was smaller due to being sick for a day. I will not spend that much this week, again on purpose, so that I will have a little more to put towards some Christmas gifts.

Other little items that I did to save money this week was to hang up several loads of laundry instead of throwing them into the dryer. I had to open a new box of gallon size storage bags for the first time in a long time to put some rolls in it for later use. When the bag was empty, I washed it for another later use.  I chose to stay home one day to catch up on things around the house, which meant no money spent on gas. I made some cookies instead of running to the store to buy some.

Sometimes it may not seem like you are saving money, but you are. Those little things that you do here and there really do add up!



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    • Thank you for stopping by! I enjoy having new people visiting. I am usually more on the ball with posting, but I have had some health issues lately so I have been a little behind. I should be up and posting again soon.

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