The Chimney Part 2

Oh the chimney….Who knew that it was going to take so long to put stones up? But guess what? We are finally done except for the waterproofing. Can you hear a great big hurrah? I was at work when I had a text message from my husband telling me that he had put the last stone on. I think that he was proud and happy at the same time. That text was sent last week, and if you remember I said in Part 1 that I was hoping to show the finished product in a few weeks. Those few weeks turned into almost THREE MONTHS! It has definitely been crazy around here with all of us helping one way or another with the chimney and all of the other fall chores that need attending to.


This is what our house looked like in the summer of 2013 before we hired someone to put on a steel roof and before this summer doing the chimney. This before picture makes me realize how far we have come and how the house looks so different.

chimney 4

Here is hubby working at the bottom of the chimney in this picture. When he started at the top it made me nervous just watching him climb the scaffolding. My daughter or I would stay out there with him and keep the mortar wet, help pick out the “just right” stone, and make sure that they were in the right place. Hours and days spent on this project seemed like they were never going to end. Crazy how we thought that it wouldn’t take as long as it did, but we were determined to do it ourselves.


We persevered and finished it from top to bottom by ourselves!

chimney 3

Yes, anyone that knows anything about scaffolding knows that this was put up the wrong way. It should have been turned around so that the bars are supposed to act like steps to climb up. I think hubby was just thinking that it would work better this way so that he could lay the stones on planks for easy access.

chimney 2

We will put the water proofer on within the next week. Of course I say that now and knowing our luck something will happen and that will take forever as well. I guess if I think on the bad side, only something good will happen :).

We had been wanting to do this for sometime now, and I think that we are glad that the worse part is over. It looks great, and we saved over $2400.00 by doing this ourselves. It did take a lot of our weekends away from us, a lot of sweat and hard work but I don’t think that we would have done it any other way. By borrowing the mixer and scaffolding from friends, and only having to pay for the cost of the products, we kept our costs to a minimum.

Now I am putting this out there, I say that we do a lot of things by ourselves, but there are professionals for a reason. We do not do any electrical, or major plumbing work. Minor plumbing, like a plugged up sink, we do ourselves. Septic and well problems we call a professional to come and fix it. When we built our home, we hired an electrician to wire the house. Some things are better left for the trained person to do.

I can’t wait for next spring so that I can do some landscaping around the house and chimney. And with the leftover pallets and stone, I am sure that I can find another project for everyone to work on!





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