In The Pantry

I am glad to be back in the land of the internet. I was lucky to get a post in when our internet was acting up, but now it is back on and staying on. Yeah!!

Life went on even though I wasn’t posting, and I had managed to find several things to add to my pantry. I know that I have talked before about the benefits of having a full pantry, but I know that some don’t have the money or desire to have one. Let me point out that I don’t spend an excessive amount of money each week on groceries. I buy my fresh items each week and anything that I need to replenish my pantry. If I open a bottle of ketchup today, I will put it on my list for the next time I shop. Ketchup is one of those items that I buy at Aldi, so I don’t wait for it to go on sale. That way I will not run out when someone needs it for a sandwich they are making.

savings 1

Here is a purchase I made several weeks ago, Cheerios were on sale at my local Giant Eagle 4 for $6. I used two 50¢ coupons that were doubled and I paid $1 each. Great to add to my food pantry.

pantry 1

My local Tops Market had sugar on sale around the same time as the cereal deal. I originally purchased six bags, but I gave one to my mom. My total for the six bags was $4 and some change that I can’t remember since I don’t have my receipt anymore. Great deal to add to my pantry for all of those holiday baking needs. I rarely use sugar on a daily basis, but I hate to pay full price for anything, even when we do holiday baking.

pantry 2

I also keep a toiletry pantry. The same week that I bought the cereal, Giant Eagle also had a sale on health and beauty items. The Pantene was on sale 3 for $10, minus a $5 coupon and I got three bottles for $5. Then the deodorant was on sale for $3.50 each, minus two coupons for 75¢ each doubled.  I paid $4 for two deodorants, one normally is $4.99! The razor was free with a coupon that was in a promo box from a store. When you purchased a certain dollar amount, $5 was deducted from the total. For all of this I paid just $4! Made my day to add to my pantry for just a few dollars!

pantry 3

This is my never ending supply of laundry detergent. The Tide pods were free with coupons at CVS last week. I had three $2 coupons, and $6 in Extra bucks. They were on sale for $3.99 each, minus $2 for each bag, then minus my bucks = FREE! The other detergents were all purchased on sale with coupons as well and I never pay over $2.25 for a bottle.

There were other items that I had purchased but I didn’t take a picture of. Giant Eagle had a sale that if you bought two HF smoked sausage you would get sauerkraut free. I used two coupons on the smoked sausage and paid $2.39 for each sausage. Not a bad deal for a meal for the family when I am not home to cook for them. $4.78 and some potatoes from the garden will keep them happy and full. 🙂 They don’t always eat unprocessed like me.

I also purchased at Giant Eagle eight cans of Campbell’s soup for $8, minus $2 in coupons. $6 to have some quick soup on hand for those cold days when hubby goes hunting. I can now send for a free coupon courtesy of Campbell’s. The only time I buy canned soup is this time of year. I normally make my own, but I will not make clam chowder soup :).

It doesn’t have to cost much to add to your pantry a little at a time. I hope that this inspires you to start your pantry!




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