Unprocessed Breakfast – Pancakes

If you are like me and are tired of eating oatmeal in the morning, here is a recipe for pancakes that even my family will eat. The basic recipe can be found here, but I altered it this morning and did not add any sugar and they taste just as good.


Now keep in mind that you could use half wheat, half white flour instead of all white flour. And also, I use aluminum free, reduced sodium baking powder and I have never had a problem with any of my baking products.

You could add any fresh fruit that you would like to the batter when they are cooking. I kept it simple this morning and just made plain cakes. In the past I have added blueberries, strawberries, black and red raspberries. I have even made them with bananas and walnuts and those were delicious!

farm fresh

Technically you could add the fruit on top in place of any syrup, and most of the time that is what I do. The rest of the family likes syrup so we always have pure maple syrup on hand. Nothing compares to fresh maple syrup from the sugar shack down the road, or some from an extended family member who has a sugar shack as well. Click here for more info on our maple syrup weekend excursion this past spring.

Now some might argue that this isn’t totally unprocessed due the fat free milk and canola oil, but remember that I am a heart patient. Saturated fat is a no no for me, so I used what I am aloud to per my doctor.

This is a quick pancake recipe that tastes like a pancake, not the ones that have oatmeal and other stuff in it. Sometimes you just have to have that “comfort” food on a cold morning.



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