Spicy Aromas Permeate The Kitchen

This time of the year I always have something canning, baking or cooking that makes the whole house smell intoxicating. The past few weeks I have done all of the above and I always get the same response from everyone….What’s cooking?

canned apples

When our local store had a great sale on apples, I stocked up! I canned apples for use in baking this winter. They will be great to put in a cobbler, pie or mini apple cookies. The smell when they were keeping warm was heavenly. Who needs air fresheners when you have apples and cinnamon simmering on the stove? Yummy! Please excuse the stained towel, I prefer to use towels that are already stained when canning. I learned the hard way when I used a pretty one when canning blueberries and I had a jar lose some of its juice into the boiling water. Lets just say that I now have a red, white and purple towel :).

pumpkin ingredients

Even though I am eating unprocessed, the family has issues with eating healthy all of the time. Sooo, when I was in the store the other day I walked passed the fall display and saw the cookie pouch mix. Pumpkin Spice, now that sounds good! I mixed up a batch and threw in some white baking chips. I could have thrown in some raisins, but not everyone likes them in cookies. I did have one cookie to see what they are like and I fell in love with the flavor. Oh so good!

pumpkin cookies

While they were baking, the kitchen smelled spicy and with the kitchen door open it was even more noticeable. The smell of crisp leaves falling, cookies baking and the heat of the sun shining makes for a beautiful fall day!

I wonder what else I can come up with to make the kitchen smell welcoming?




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