Healthy and Unprocessed Dinner Day 1

October 1st and I have so far made it totally unprocessed and healthy. If you follow me at all, you know that I have heart disease so I already eat healthy. According to the unprocessed rules, some of my food isn’t aloud. So instead of me having coconut oil I will continue having canola and extra light virgin olive oil. I don’t need to plug up my arteries any more than they are! I am putting it out there that I don’t use oils all of the time. I might go days without even touching a bottle. That didn’t sound good did it? 🙂 Tonight’s meal was oven roasted vegetables, oven roasted chicken and penne pasta.

roasted veggies

Portabella mushrooms, pea pods and  onions and zucchini from the garden. Mmmm, yummy! I drizzled olive oil over them along with some garlic powder and pepper. I baked them at 375 for 30 minutes. Then I took them out and put the pasta, which at this point had some oil and garlic on them, in with the veggies. I tossed them all together.

healthy meal

Then I sliced some homegrown tomatoes and put a layer of them over the veggies along with more garlic, chives and parmesan cheese. Back into the oven they went for an additional 5 minutes.

This made an awesome meal for the family and there was also leftovers. Sorry that I can’t give exact amounts, well sometimes I just “wing” it and never measure anything :).

The chicken was antibiotic free, no added solutions and hormone free. The pasta is whole wheat and yes it was out of a box, but it had less than five ingredients listed so it passed the kitchen test.

Tomorrow will be day two, let’s hope that my long day at work proves to be just as positive as today!




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