Preserving Your Food

Every year we have a vegetable garden and I preserve what we don’t eat fresh. There are some things that we don’t grow, so I look for those items on sale and buy in bulk to preserve. Last week my local Aldi had mushrooms on sale for 89¢ a pack so I purchased 7 packs to dehydrate.


I first washed and drained them thoroughly, making sure that I got all of the dirt off of them. Then I proceeded to slice them and arrange them on my dehydrator trays.


The first time that I dehydrated mushrooms I sliced them too thin, so this time I made them a little thicker. It took me several days to dry two batches of these “shrooms” since I only have one dehydrator. It is so worth the effort and time to me.


This is one of those half gallon canning jars and it is over half full of mushrooms. Seven packages sure do compact down don’t  they? We like to rehydrate these in spaghetti sauce, gravies and casseroles and they make a great filler in place of meat. I might not use as much meat when I add mushrooms to a dish.

Preserving food that you buy in bulk helps save on your grocery budget. If you see things on sale, at a rock bottom price, then buy what you can afford and preserve it. You don’t have to have a garden to preserve your “harvest”.




2 thoughts on “Preserving Your Food

  1. Meijer had those packages 10/$10 with the 11th free….I got 11 and dehydrated the whole. I think they have a better taste than fresh sometimes, because the flavor is concentrated. I’ve even used them on pizza!

    • They are so convenient when dehydrated aren’t they? If I come home from work and want a quick meal, all I have to do is throw a handful of mushrooms in a gravy or sauce and pour it over pasta or a hamburger patty and everyone seems happy 🙂

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