Should You Shop At Sam’s Club?

I spent all of yesterday morning shopping in a town 30 minutes away. I had some Kohl’s cash and coupons for Kohl’s to use up, plus I had found more coupons to use up at Giant Eagle so I thought that it would be a great day to spend in “the big city” and to check out Sam’s Club.


I usually shop the clearance racks at Kohl’s but I couldn’t find anything that I liked so I poked around and came up with these items. I spent $11 on these three items. If I had not picked up the long sleeve tee on the right, I wouldn’t have spent any money out of pocket, but I loved the color and I do need some long sleeved shirts for the cooler weather.


Our local Giant Eagle has had Ken’s salad dressings on sale for $1.88 and since there were 75¢ coupons out I only paid 38¢ each for these dressings. This is the same dressing that you would find at some of the fast food restaurants and I love it, plus you can’t beat the price and it will go into the pantry!


My last stop was Sam’s Club. I had shared a link on my Facebook page that Sam’s was offering a membership through Groupon for $45. When you signed up you received a $20 gift card and four coupons for free food. Pictured above are the items that I got for free. The snack size protein bars were free at their Kiosk when you scanned your membership card. Including the gift card and these items it was like getting a free membership to Sam’s.

What did I buy when I was there? Well, that is a good question. I am a faithful shopper at Aldi, and I have been for years. I have the prices of items that I buy memorized so when I went to Sam’s I knew if something was a bargain or not. I am going to say that I was looking for items that were healthy, produce and some meats.

Some people have a stigma of shopping at a “discount” grocery store like Aldi, but their items are the same as if you shopped anywhere else. If you try an item and don’t like it, then don’t buy it again. It is like that any where you shop. Sam’s Club prices are, in my opinion, over inflated on most items. Parmesan cheese for example, if you purchase the name brand in the green container it expensive to begin with. Then when you buy it at Sam’s you would think that you are getting a bargain. If purchased at Aldi it is way cheaper than at Sam’s. You really need to know your prices.

I did buy some yeast as it is a two pack for $4.74. Hubby uses it in our septic and that is an awesome price to pay. I am going to stock up on that throughout the year before my membership expires. I also purchased some produce like green peppers, big bags of lettuce and a big bag of sweet onions. The one thing I noticed was that some baking items, like vanilla extract, brown sugar and the yeast are good buys compared to grocery stores.

While you should know your prices when shopping for food at Sam’s, I wouldn’t buy cleaners at Sam’s. I looked at dish soap and the price turned me off right away. I can get dish soap at Dollar General with a coupon cheaper than if I bought it at Sam’s. It is the same with other cleaners and paper products. If you watch the grocery sales and even if you didn’t use a coupon, it is still cheaper than if you shopped at the warehouse store. Or even better yet, make your own! Better for the environment, your health and your wallet!

I know that some of you might shop at Sam’s, but I for one will probably not renew my membership when it expires. I just don’t see myself recouping the cost of it. Since I signed up for basically free, I will take advantage of it and stock up on items that will not go bad soon and maybe freeze some meat and veggies. If I find bargains on some items that I will be able to can, then I will do that. It all helps on the budget in the end.

The bottom line is, know your prices, be open to other places to shop and if you decide that Sam’s Club is the place you like to shop, shop wisely. Don’t buy things in bulk if you aren’t going to use it up in time. Or my favorite saying: if you buy in bulk, you eat in bulk. That is why I stayed out of the candy aisle 🙂







2 thoughts on “Should You Shop At Sam’s Club?

  1. I shop Sam’s regularly – mostly for meat and ‘lunch’ snacks. However in my area the nearest Aldi is almost 40 mins away and the Sam’s is 10mins max. With Sam’s its also not always apples to apples – the Parmsean on cheese, Sam’s only has the brand name option (at least at my store) and I can get the less expensive store brand at my local grocery store. I personally did not find Aldi to be worth the drive. However if one opens closer (or I move closer) it will become my regular stop. But you must know your prices no matter where you shop!

    • Oh I agree on the apples to apples thing. The parmesan scenario was meant for the name brand in a grocery store versus Sam’s. But shopper “A” might have a stigma on buying store brands and think that Sam’s is the better buy, when in reality it isn’t. I have the opposite, Sam’s is 30 minutes away and Aldi is 15 minutes away. Plus it is in the same town where I work so if I need something I can just pop in there before going home. The main thing in all of this is to know your prices!!!!!

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