Bargains And Recipes

Does it seem like life just goes much too quickly anymore? Seriously, this summer has gone by so quick and this past week seemed like it flew by. I was ready for a break yesterday and I told my hubby that the two of us needed to just go out and enjoy the nice day that mother nature gave us. Let me tell you that it was well deserved and I enjoyed every moment of the peace and quiet of the beach.

In the rush of this past week I did manage to find a few bargains.


The sugar was only $1.24 each, the tuna was free,  the nail polish was 97¢ each, the tortillas were 79¢ each, the razors were 18¢ each, and the M&M’s were $1.88. Hey we needed some chocolate :). The sugar was the only item that was on sale and everything was purchased with coupons. I don’t use sugar that much, but it will come in handy during the holidays and if I do decide to do any baking.

I also discovered, accidentally, that Ken’s Sweet Vidalia Onion salad dressing makes a fantastic alternative to mayonnaise when making a quick broccoli salad.


It does have some fat and sodium, but if you follow the serving size it is almost no different than if you purchased a lite mayonnaise.


I had some chicken, broccoli, low sodium turkey bacon and just a sprinkle of low fat shredded cheese. I put it all together and drizzled the dressing over it.


When you already have the bacon and chicken cooked, and the broccoli cleaned and ready to eat, this makes a quick salad that tastes delicious! You don’t even need to cut up an onions since this is an onion dressing. This is one of those thrown together, quick kind of lunches that I love.

So I am ready to see what this week brings us…..maybe some more bargains or new recipes. Whatever they maybe, I am ready for the challenge!



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