A Week Of Savings

It’s funny how our grocery bill can fluctuate from week to week. On average our grocery bill is $100 for a week. That includes any toiletries and the occasional run to the local store if we run out of bananas or milk. I usually have my normal routine of shopping at Aldi and Giant Eagle for any good sales so that I can double my coupons. I do make an occasional trip to CVS if the sales are fantastic.

I usually start making my list for the following week the day after I shopped for my groceries. I had noticed today that I only have three items on my list for when I shop on Friday. Doesn’t seem worth a special trip so I might just have a week with no shopping except for milk and bread. I had stocked up on plenty of fresh fruits and veggies so we still have some in the refrigerator . If I only purchase the few little things that we have to have, like milk, I will save some grocery money towards next week or put it to one side for a future expense.

I noticed last week that Groupon was offering a Sam’s Club one year membership so I took advantage of the offer. I never used to find it beneficial for us to shop there due to the cost of $45 a year. This offer is a great bargain, you might say that it is free to shop there for a year. You receive a $20 gift card to use in the store and you also receive four coupons. By the time you add up the free coupons and the $20 gift card that covers your $45 membership. I took my printout to Sam’s today and received all of my coupons and my gift card. It worked like a charm! Since I was pressed for time, I didn’t shop today but I just wanted to make sure that the Groupon would work. Now I can stock up on certain items that I know are cheaper there compared to sales and Aldi.

I also had found out that one of our local bulk food stores will be closing and they were offering 25% off everything in the store except consignment items. I figured that it was a perfect time to stock up on some grains, spices and some of my favorite no salt snacks that I can’t find anywhere else that cheap.


And yes, I did buy a bag of candy :). Who can resist the candy aisle? This trip saved me money to stock up the pantry on spices to make my own mixes like taco seasoning, etc. and oatmeal that we use almost everyday.

Last Wednesday I did take some items to our local consignment shop for resale. I love the fact that I can earn some extra cash on items that we no longer need and I don’t have to bust my back having a garage sale.

I also earned another $5 on Swagbucks this week. I am having a harder time earning bucks as it seems like it takes me forever to just get to 450 just to redeem them for a gift card to Amazon. Every little bit helps, but it is a struggle right now earning them.

In all it has been a week of saving money, even though I did spend some on things to stock up on. How have you saved money this week?





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