Farm Fresh

I don’t consider our place a farm, but I do consider it our homestead. We have a garden every year that provides us with fresh vegetables to eat throughout the summer and some to put up for use in the winter. When we used to raise chickens for the meat, and my husband gets a couple of deer every hunting season, I would pride myself on making meals that would have everything raised here on the homestead. Except for things like flour, sugar and the like staples, we could make many a meal that was satisfying and wholesome. Now that we don’t raise chickens anymore, it is harder to have “organic” meat on hand unless I pay top dollar for it at the store. I still make wholesome meals but things are more “healthier” now than before. Less gravies and sauces, and a general well balanced meal every time we eat.


You can’t beat fresh picked green beans.


Fresh lettuce, green beans, and one cucumber. Sounds like some great vegetables for dinner.


We had split chicken breasts that I cooked in the oven and hubby finished on the grill to get flavor to go with the fresh salad and steamed green beans. I whipped up from scratch homemade biscuits that we could have on the side or with strawberries (from the u pick farm) for a dessert. I purposely didn’t put any dressing on my salad so you could see it, no I don’t eat it plain :). That would be kind of yucky.

I also made an appetizer that all of us fell in love with. I love to watch cooking shows on the weekends when I don’t have to work. So in my stupor when I was trying to wake up, I was watching Trisha Yearwood’s show. She made Jalapeno Bites that looked awesome! I didn’t catch the exact amount of jalapenos she used so I just used two finely chopped. You can look up the exact recipe as I sort of threw things together and am so glad that they turned out.


I have always heard that you should never handle them with bare hands but I just cut the tops off, cut in half and then used a spoon to scoop out the seeds. Worked perfect for me! Then I just finely chopped them.



This is the final product. The original recipe calls for cream cheese, parmesan cheese and I am not sure if it was one or two eggs. I just used that low fat cream cheese that I can never pronounce, Neufchatel cheese. How do you say it? Oh and I almost forgot that I used two egg whites. I sort of got off track there 🙂 I think she used breadcrumbs, but I never keep them on hand so I used panko. Now I am supposed to watch my salt and fat, but I could have ate all that I made and been a real piggy. These are so yummy and are a little healthier than the counterparts that you would buy in the store. My will power was strong and I only had two. Well, everyone else wanted me to make more, but I didn’t have anymore peppers or cream cheese on hand.

I am so glad that I planted jalapeno peppers in the garden this year. I am hoping that I have enough to make these bites and can my salsa that I had planned on.

I wish that I could make all of our meals from food that we grew or raised, but it isn’t feasible for us. But I can at least try to grow our vegetables and buy as much as I can locally. That way I am supporting local farmers and our table is full of farm fresh goodies!







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