Summer In The Country

Living in the country is so peaceful. Walking down a dirt road, feeling the sunshine on your face, and hearing nothing but the birds chirping is so much nicer than the craziness of the city. Here is what it is like around my home.




Rows of daylilies…….


My husbands grandfather grew them and when he passed away, all of the family received some. Since they multiply we have quite a few that need thinned out. Beautiful though!


My little sidekick šŸ™‚ If I am outside, Lilly Bean is with me. She followed me all over when I was taking these pictures.


Flowers brighten up the yard. We sit inside all winter long, so why not make the yard another “room” in the summer?


Sniff, sniff…….can you smell them?


A couple of sections of our vegetable garden. With the rain that we have had lately, the garden has really taken off….and so have the weeds šŸ˜¦ Time to get to work weeding.


Fresh lettuce! Makes for an awesome salad! If only the cherry tomatoes were ripe.


Cucumbers, nature’s refreshing vegetable!


And don’t forget the cool dip in the backyard pool on a warm summer day. This is more refreshing than the cucumbers :).


And to end the trip around my home, here is a picture that I took of my daughter three years ago. We were messing around taking pictures of her for her senior pictures and I snapped this. It totally depicts her and our way of life here.

I wouldn’t change where we live for anything, except maybe a trip to the beach. That is my next favorite place to be.



2 thoughts on “Summer In The Country

  1. Hi, Beth, I follow your blog and am doing some catch-up this evening. What a lovely walk! I’m smack-dab in Chicagoland suburbia, so don’t get much country. But I do love a visit when I can, that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing your photos–what a beautiful place you live in. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you. It is very peaceful here, but sometimes it is too quiet. When the boring days set in, we venture to the next biggest city about 35 miles away from us.

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