Experiments In The Kitchen

Our holiday weekend was a little different around here. I had to work July 3rd and July 5th so a long weekend getaway was out of the question. It was just a laid back kind of weekend so I had my mom come for dinner on Sunday and I experimented in the kitchen. Mom always has to bring something for a meal so she brought some chicken for me and some pulled pork for everyone else. I set to work making something nice, but not time consuming as I wanted to visit with my momma!


Oven roasted veggies are easy and always tasty. I have never used pine nuts before and have always wanted to try them, so when Aldi had them on sale this past week I picked up a bag. I do have to say that it is a little different taste if eaten plain, but roasted they are pretty good. I put the green beans, and some broccoli that isn’t in the picture, onion, turkey bacon and olive oil in a pan and roasted them. If you have never roasted veggies, just go on Pinterest or look it up on the internet. There are many recipes to let you know the time and temp.


Don’t forget to season your veggies the way you like. I just wanted some black pepper.


They say not to season your food too much before cooking, but I put a little pepper on everything before it went into the oven. I then sprinkled a little more on after they were cooked.


This was a good side dish to our meal. I think the pine nuts gave it a little extra flavor as did the bacon. I roast veggies all of the time but have never used the bacon with them. Years ago people would cook green beans with bacon and butter. I don’t use butter so this is a great alternative for anyone watching their fat and salt in cooking.


We also had corn on the cob.


And baby back ribs. Yummy!! I have never cooked baby back ribs so this was another experiment. They turned out delicious! We didn’t go away from the table hungry that day :). Did I mention that we had watermelon and chocolate chip cookies for dessert? Double yummy! My mom purposely made extra meat for us so that I wouldn’t have to cook the next day since I had to work. Don’t you just love moms? They are always thinking and taking care of their children, even when they are grown adults with their own children <3.

The weekend was a quiet one, but a good one spent with family when work permitted us to be together. Good food, good people and fun times made.






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