Strawberry Pickin’ Time

In my neck of the woods the strawberries were a little late in coming on this year. I had signed up many years ago to receive a card in the mail to let me know when the berries would be ready for picking and I received that card last week, finally. So yesterday was a free day for me and my daughter so we took a trip to the strawberry farm.

This week has been very hot and humid so I threw dinner in the crockpot before we left to pick berries.


I had two packs of cube steaks in the freezer so I thought that I would put them in with some onions, carrots and potatoes.


Just a little minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce, sodium free beef bouillon powder, pepper and no salt added beef stock was added to the meat and veggies. It smelled good all day. I love when dinner cooks itself when I am busy.

When we were at the berry patch it was so hot but I was happy that it wasn’t busy at all. My daughter and I filled two 4 quart baskets full of berries.


They are a good size this year, not too small and that makes it perfect for cutting them up to make jam.


Last year I canned my strawberry jam and we decided that we didn’t like the taste of it that way, so I am back to making freezer jam.


I had taken some of the berries and crushed them to make strawberries and biscuits for dessert tonight. Yummy!!

Homemade biscuits, fresh picked strawberries……..can’t get any better than that except maybe some fresh cream on top. Store bought whipped topping will have to do since we don’t have a cow 🙂

How is your summer going? Do you pick your own strawberries?






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