Meatball Burger = Happiness

What do you do when you have four people in the house that want different things. Hubby wanted spaghetti and meat sauce and my daughter wanted meatball sandwiches. I just wanted something to eat as I was starving :). So I, being the good person that I am kept everyone happy. I made meatball patties! Hubby just put his patty in the spaghetti and I made a patty for my daughter and son when he came home from work. Katie doesn’t like pepperoni so I didn’t put any on hers.


I used turkey burger that is why it looks lighter. Just make your meatballs as you normally would and shape them into patties. I sautéed some peppers and onions with a little black pepper to put on top of the burger and hubby put them in his spaghetti.


After you put the veggies on the burger put on your favorite cheese. I used provolone. Now I used Italian bread toasted and buttered for a bun and our low sodium spaghetti sauce for the sauce on the burger. This was a burger  that drips as you eat it….you know the kind that will run down your arm? Am I the only one that likes to have that ooey gooey drippyness run down your chin and arms? Yep, probably.

So this is how you keep everyone happy at dinner time 🙂 And don’t forget the side of chips and a pickle please!




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