Shopping Excursion

It has been a long day of appointments and shopping. Hubby had a doctor appointment and we also had an appointment to get our air-conditioning fixed in our van. While I normally take my coupons with me when I leave the house, silly me forgot today.

Our first stop was to drop off the van. We thought that it wasn’t supposed to take long so I told my hubby to stop at CVS so I could take advantage of the Charmin deal.


FREE with the coupon that prints out of the machine when you scan your card. I am regretting not taking my coupons with me and not looking at the ad before I left because they had other things on sale that I could have used. I will just have to make a quick trip after work later in the week.

We have been searching for a new/used kitchen/dining room table and chair set. Did you follow that :)? I am too frugal to spend $2000.00 for a new set and hubby agreed that it is nuts to put out that much money on one. We are also on the hunt for a new table or something to put in our living room. We went to a local consignment furniture store and found a buffet that was in good shape and was in our price range.


This was a purchase that I was happy with. We needed something to put in this spot since we finally got rid of the old stereo system that we had from the 80’s. That thing was a dinosaur.

We did spend some money today, but we also saved it as well. Even though we didn’t find a kitchen/dining room table set, we were happy with our purchase. The money that we saved on this buffet will go towards the table when we find one.

On the bad side, we still don’t have our van back yet, so I am without wheels for the next day :(. Thankfully our warranty will cover our problems, so there will be no money out of pocket for it.

Oh and NEVER forget your coupons when you leave the house!






4 thoughts on “Shopping Excursion

    • Thanks Rhonda. I have downsized my coupon binder since my heart attack and not using a lot of processed foods, but I still forget that little binder every once in awhile :).

  1. Love the buffet! And as far as dining sets go? Never, ever, ever buy new, seriously. Most of the new stuff, even though it looks pretty, generally isn’t even actual real wood. Watch for estate sales, etc…but you already know that. 😉 I cringe when i see the price tags and crappy quality on the stuff in the stores, not to mention it all comes right from China. *sigh*

    Oh, and i’m going on my 6th year of no driving. Some days it makes me totally insane, but for the most part i’m used to it, lol.

    • When we went to some local retail stores looking at tables, Doug would get on his hands and knees to see where the table was made…Malaysia! Every piece we looked at was made in Malaysia.

      I don’t know how you do it not driving. I did have a moment the other day. Someone I know has a defibrillator and theirs went off. They were told not to drive for 6 months at least, then they would go from there. That story hit home for me. I don’t know what I would do if my defib went off.

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