Mini Doughnuts

My mom gave me a set of two mini doughnut pans for baking doughnuts in the oven. Well guess what I have been doing today? Yep, making doughnuts! I did some experimenting and decided two things. First I did come to a conclusion that you could use any recipe that you find on Pinterest or in my case, the recipe that was on the box that the pans came in. As long as the recipe is for baked doughnuts you will be fine. Mini doughnuts are baked at 325 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes, no matter if you use non-stick pans or not. Second, I found out that yes those pans are cute and all, but you don’t have to rush out and buy them unless you want the mini’s with the hole in the middle. I experimented with using my mini muffin pans.


The doughnut on the left was made in an actual doughnut pan. The one on the right was made in a mini muffin pan. Other than the dough not rising more rounded, there was no difference. I honestly don’t understand what makes the doughnut more round at the top as I used the exact same batter. Oh well, they will still taste the same.


Doughnuts with holes.


Whole doughnuts. I did find that the ones with the holes in the middle come out a little more chewy than the counterparts. They probably should have been taken out of the over sooner I guess.


I did have some fun making different varieties of doughnuts.


Anyone for a sugar rush?


I ended up with cinnamon sugar, glazed, powdered sugar, chocolate glazed and sprinkled. In all I made 40 mini doughnuts for the family and I am sure I won’t hear any complaints from anyone tomorrow morning at breakfast 🙂

I am now in the process of finding a more healthy doughnut batter that will bake in the oven. These doughnuts have a lot of fat and sugar and that is a no no for me so I am eager to find something tasty but yet healthy at the same time.

Anyone for coffee and doughnuts? Or would you rather have a tall glass of milk? Your choice……..




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