The Frugal Kitchen

I love to cook, but I don’t like breaking the bank on spending food. I am not one to throw food away so I try to make up concoctions that I know everyone will like.


I had two ears of corn, half of a orange pepper and some cheese in the fridge to use up. I then looked in the freezer and found a half of a bag of chopped peppers and onions that I purchased for free with a coupon a while ago and a bag of ham I had froze from the last time we had ham. I went to the pantry and picked out two potatoes and chopped them up. I cut the corn from the cobs and chopped the ham. I have three dozen eggs in the fridge, so I used eight of them in this casserole. Yes this is a breakfast casserole, but I used up some food that might have otherwise been thrown away. My hubby and daughter loved it, and there is some leftover for breakfasts for them too. I didn’t need to follow a recipe that called for something that I might have to go to the store to buy, I just used what I had on hand. Disguising leftovers saves on the budget.


I made a trip yesterday to one of our local Amish bent and dent stores. With the prices of groceries rising, I justify a trip to this place by buying extra and freezing it. The cheese and lunch meat is so much cheaper there than in the grocery stores. Provolone cheese is even cheaper per pound than at Aldi. At $3.79 a pound it is wise to purchase a pound  or more and freeze it in portions for later use. Virginia ham is only $3.59 a pound there. This is half the price in other stores in my area and again, buy as much as you can afford to and freeze it in portions for later use. This store also sells end pieces for $1.99 a pound which, if you like to make sandwich spread can be a great bargain!


This place is a bent and dent or if you want to call it a salvage store as well as having the deli. You have to pick and choose what you want to buy. I generally find health foods there that didn’t sell in retail grocery stores. The boxes might have been crushed a little or are close to the date or just past the date on the package. When I went yesterday I didn’t find much except these two items, a bag of chips that have already been half consumed 🙂 and a pack of gum. The pasta cost $1 and the chocolate chips were $1.25. I paid less for both these products than if I would have purchased one package of chocolate chips in a grocery store. Even with coupons and sales I wouldn’t have found any that price.

I can’t wait for the garden to start producing as that will cut back on my spending at the store for veggies. Using coupons, shopping at discount or salvage stores, canning or preserving your garden surplus are just several ways to save on your budget and keep your kitchen frugal. The prices are rising rapidly at the grocery store so we need to be open to all possibilities for saving money.

What ways do you save?





5 thoughts on “The Frugal Kitchen

  1. Best blog on the net. 🙂 Informative, inspiring, uplifting, and always a fun read. You are a sweetheart. ❤

    • Thanks for sharing this! Definitely good reading material and advice to follow. I do have to say that there are a lot of people that don’t know how to save money on groceries whether it is with coupons, cooking from scratch or other possibilities that are around them.

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