A Wet Spring

It has been a wet spring around here in NW PA.  We had a neighbor mention that this was the first time that his riding mower has been stuck in his yard, and that is saying something since we live on a hill. I had been itching all winter to get our garden started and we still haven’t planted anything yet. I really want to get vegetables planted, but I am afraid that the plants and the potatoes will just rot in the ground if we plant them with this rain. We also have had some nights that have been cold. Where we live, we do have trees for coverage, but down in the valley they had chances of frost. I don’t of anyone that has planted anything yet.


Then there is the factor of time. This is our garden :(. Our rototiller is under the weather so we need to borrow a family members to till the garden to get it ready for planting. I think the weeds think that this is their new home, but they have another thing coming very soon.  Hopefully we can get the garden tilled and planted this weekend. I did hear that it is supposed to be nice :).


The clothesline looks lonely doesn’t it? I can count on one hand the amount of times that I have been able to hang clothes on it. Granted there were a couple of days that I worked and couldn’t put anything out, but on a whole it hasn’t been the best weather for clothes on the line.


Then there are flowers. I love to plant annuals in my barrels and I have been afraid to do so with some of the torrential rains that we have had. Thankfully this hanging basket has made it through three storms and is still thriving. At one point I thought the poor thing was heading for the dump, but it came back to life.

As I sit here typing it is still raining. We did have some sun earlier in the day, but it didn’t last long. Like I said before, I hope that this weekend is nice so that things will get done around here and dry out a little.




6 thoughts on “A Wet Spring

  1. Gorgeous basket! Its actually 80 degrees here in the Great Lakes area of the midwest, so I hope we are sending some warm weather your way in the next few days. We just put our potatoes in – we are about 3 weeks behind where we usually are.
    My daughter is going to make your brownie/oreo bites for a school economics project! They have had their own mini economy where they have to rent their desks, get paid for jobs, etc., and the culmination is being able to “spend” the “money” they earned on items made by classmates.

    • Well I hope that your weather gets here in time for Memorial Day! I love the concept of your daughters project, I wish my children could have done something like that. I hope that everyone enjoys the brownies 🙂

  2. We are having a wet spring as well and haven’t planted our potatoes either – or much of anything else because the dang ground won’t dry out long enough (we have clay soil). Sadly, I’ve also been unable to use my clothesline, which I adore!, because of the rain. The weather forecast is calling for dry conditions for the next 5 days (!!!!) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to get lots of garden work done.

    • We are supposed to have a dry and warmer next few days as well, and the great thing is that I will only have to work one of those days 🙂 At least I will be able to enjoy them. Hope that you can get your garden work done.

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