This past winter was a long cold one and we actually went through about 4 cords from the beginning of October through about the end of January. We don’t use it for our main heat in the house, but we have a woodstove in the basement that warms the basement and we let the heat come upstairs and warm up the first floor. We had trees that were down, but they needed cut if we were to use it to burn. Since we went through those 4 cords, we cut enough of the downed trees to keep the basement barely warm just to get us through till spring.

Now it is time to start on next years wood. It seems like it is a never ending battle when you heat with wood. Even if it isn’t your main source, it is a lot of work to keep wood on hand.


This was one of many trees that fell around here during the winter. This one in particular was really hard to cut so we will just take what we can of it and then drag the rest into the woods to get it out of the way.


The log splitter comes in real handy when splitting wood. We have an old Farmall tractor and trailer to haul wood, but sometimes there are spaces that they would not fit into, so the four wheeler and small trailer come to the rescue.


Next years warmth!


It is nice to have a stack of wood right outside the back door. This is the beginning of getting ready for next winter. It is best to cut it now so that it has time to dry out before you burn it, especially if you burn wood in your home. Never burn green wood in your home as it could cause a fire. If you are cutting for an outside woodstove then it really doesn’t matter.

Using the woodstove helps to supplement the electric heat that we have. We used to have propane, but when our furnace quit working we went to electric heat. The electric heat is cheaper than propane, but the woodstove helps keep the electric heat from running too much. Running the woodstove doesn’t cost us a dime, just some sweat and labor :). Frugal heat!

I am hoping that next winter isn’t as cold as this one was. At least we are getting ready to stay toasty warm next year.




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