Spring Has Sprung???

I am sure that some of you have thought that I have been missing in action since I haven’t posted in awhile, but I am ok. I have had numerous doctor appointments so between those and work, I have been very busy. Yesterday I had to play chauffer for my daughter as her vehicle needed to get inspected so I took her to work, to lunch, and had to pick her up. That meant that I wasn’t home much on one of my days off. The last several weeks seem to be crammed with appointments on my days off so I really don’t get much accomplished on those days. I just keep up with the basics and that seems enough during those busy weeks.


They say that winter is officially over when it has snowed on the daffodils and the peepers. I am hoping that is true because it has been a long winter, and so far this spring isn’t looking too promising. This past weekend the temperature was in the 70’s and we so enjoyed it. But reality hit us again yesterday and that darn white stuff, you know that bad word that begins with “S”, came back for a visit. Not all of our daffodils are open so I am hoping that we can still enjoy them.


The poor little thing didn’t stand a chance with the 2 inches that we had. Fortunately it is melting quickly as I type this. I don’t want to see anymore of that stuff until next winter.


This is something I found at a local thrift store yesterday while waiting to pick up my daughter. I paid less than a dollar for it and I am not sure how old it is. I love old kitchen ware, especially canning jars so I had to have it. When I was looking at it in the store I realized that there are vertical lines on it and that made me wonder just how old it is.


There is a chart that tells you how old a jar is by the lettering so I know that it is between 1933 and 1960. But I was wondering if there was a specific year that they made them with the lines? So if anyone knows please comment and let me know :). It is in excellent shape except that it needs a good cleaning.

I am thinking of putting some fresh flowers in it this spring and summer, or maybe for now just some fake ones will do :).




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