Weekly Savings

How many of us keep track of our weekly savings? I usually don’t because I have been frugal for so long it has become second nature to me. But I was reading an article recently how people are getting back to basics and learning how to can their own food, hang up their laundry to dry and be more conscious of where their money is going. While reading this I was thinking of the things that I have done in this past week that saved my family money. This is what I have accomplished.


This may seem like a lot of toilet paper, but I like to keep enough on hand :). Seriously, when I find a great bargain on it, I buy enough until the next sale. Last week my local Giant Eagle had it on sale for $6.99. When you purchased $20 worth you would get a $5 coupon off your next order. I had four coupons, two were $1 each and two were 75¢ each. Four cost me retail #27.96. Minus the coupons was $22.96, the 75¢ ones were doubled. Four 12 packs of toilet paper cost me $5.74 each. Pretty good deal! I do know that my local Aldi has their brand for $2.29 a four pack and is comparable to the name brand. In this case, Aldi price for an equivalent 12 pack would be $6.87. I saved $1.13 per one 12 pack, plus I received a $5 coupon off my next order. So did I fry your brain yet? Sometimes being frugal means doing a lot of math, and if you do it in your head it can keep your brain working :). Now that I have that $5 coupon, I will be applying it towards a ham for Easter. There are never coupons for meat so I will use that coupon towards that. So I saved on toilet paper and I will save on meat when I buy the ham. It’s a win win situation!

I usually wash anywhere between 7 to 10 loads of laundry a week. Out of those loads, five of them get hung up to dry. I have four  clothes drying racks in an upstairs bathroom that no one but us uses so they are out of the way from other people seeing them. I also have some clotheslines in the basement to hang the jeans on. I do put the jeans in the dryer to fluff for a few minutes so that they aren’t like a shingle when you put them on. Who wants stiff britches? I use fabric softener sheets that I got for almost free years ago for the items that I do throw into the dryer. In the summer, pretty much everything goes outside. Just today I have washed two loads of laundry and both have been hung up. Saves on the electric bill.


Here is my next bargain. Two weeks ago CVS had a sale on detergent, B1G2F and there was a limit of 6. I only bought 3 because what I wanted they were out of. I thought that I would just stop back in after work later in that week. I found out that they only get one truck in per week, so I got a rain check. When I asked about it, the cashier automatically put a limit of six on it. I told her that I already bought 3 but she didn’t care and put 6 on it. So today I went back and purchased 6 more with $11.49 out of pocket. That is less than $2 a bottle/bag. Great savings on something that will just literally just go down the drain.

My other bargain was the flour. My local Tops has it on sale this week and I only spent $4.95 for 25 pounds of flour. That is a HUGE savings for us since I bake from scratch all of the time.

The other things that I have done to save money…….

– Using cloth napkins.

– Made up a new batch of homemade laundry stain remover.

– I will start to mend some clothing that might be missing a button or may have come apart at the seam. That is my goal tonight.

– I have gone through the coupons that my mom gave me. There were several that I could use.

– Made a new batch of muffins for breakfasts. Cheaper than store bought doughnuts or muffins, and healthier too.

– Added $5 to my Amazon account from earning Swagbucks. If you have never used Swagbucks, click on the link to the right and check it out.

I am sure that there are more things that I have done, but I do things so regularly that it does become second nature. So what have you done to save money this past week?




2 thoughts on “Weekly Savings

    • Thanks. I used to like shopping at CVS before the coupon shows came on tv. Then when the shows started the shelves were always bare so I gave up. Now that there are limits at CVS the shelves aren’t as bare so I am back shopping again.

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