Cleaning and Purging

Tis the time of year to start getting rid of junk. I am talking BIG junk, not just the little things that can be donated to the thrift shop. I am talking about broken items or things that you really shouldn’t donate to anyone. Around here our local townships and boroughs have cleanup days so that citizens can get rid of those unwanted items. Last year we missed it due to being out of town, so this year I am going full gusto around here and nicely 🙂 telling my hubby that there are some items that really have to go! So I have started in our laundry room. I knew that I had a picture somewhere of the old stand that we had taken out but I can’t find it. But this is what it looks like now.


It is so much neater down there. Where the wooden stand sits now, used to be an old metal stand that I think must have come out of the 60’s or 70’s. I don’t remember how we got it, but it was such an eye sore that IT HAD TO GO!!!! I can’t decorate it too much since there is a drain in the middle of the floor, but it looks so much better now.


I can actually put my washboards on display where they belong.


The laundry room was the first room of cleaning. We also have 3 more rooms in the basement that need gone through. We don’t have a garage so anything that needs stored is in the basement. I have decided that if we haven’t looked at it, used it, if it is falling apart or we plain just don’t want it, IT is going! I am so tired of junk in this place that it is driving me nuts.  Our cleanup day is in the beginning of May so I have a month of going through the basement and starting a pile of items that will be going. I have a feeling that when I am done telling hubby what should go, he is going to be very tired of me. But at least when we are done and everything is out of here, the place will be ALOT cleaner and neater.

We do have a limit of one load per household and there are certain items that are not permitted, so check with your local municipality and see if and when you have a clean up day and what their regulations are. You might be able to get of some items as well.




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