Dollar General Savings

I have always been an avid coupon user, and I also buy store brands. It is good to know the prices of your favorite items that you purchase often, so a price book can come in handy. I find it easier than keeping all of those numbers in your head. Shopping at Dollar General can be a little tricky because some name brands are smaller in size there versus any other store. The smaller the size, the lower the price hence the “Dollar General”. You have to have a keen eye when looking at the items on the shelves there. Check the prices and size and compare them to the same item you might buy at say one of the big box stores. Is it really less expensive at Dollar General? Do the math and write it in your price book so that next time you will know to either buy it or pass on it. Also, do you have a coupon for the name brand? If so, then don’t forget to factor that into the equation as well.

Most store brands are just as good as name brands. I have noticed that some of Dollar General store brands work just as well as any name brands do. I do buy some items there and I don’t have any problems with them. Plastic baggies for lunches and liquid hand soap are a few of the items that I use on a regular basis. Even with a coupon the name brands are still more expensive than store brand. So why pay more?

With all of that said, here is the best way to save more money at Dollar General.


I am not sure if this is just regional or not, but our Dollar General prints out a coupon at the bottom of our receipts. It is good for one day only, usually a Saturday and is for $5 off a $25 order. I try to maximize my savings by waiting until my supply is low on most of my store brands that I use often and if there is anything else I may need that is a name brand, I will buy that too. You can combine manufacturers coupons with this coupon as long as your order is still over $25. Just think about it, you can still use a coupon on store brands to save even more! That is another $5 in your pocket instead of someone else’s! When I know I will be planning a trip, I will stop in early in the week and purchase something little just to get a coupon printed on my receipt. That way I have it handy for the day of my trip.


Even if you don’t like their brands, just think of items that you may need that you can get there. Make up is one of those items that you can purchase there and it will be the same as anywhere else you may purchase it. I have checked the ounces on the shampoo, cat food and lotion, and I have done the math and have decided that it is cheaper to buy at Dollar General. There are exceptions to this, aka loss leader sales at other store. For example, if you need makeup you can get what you need, use manufacturer coupons and just make sure that you are over the $25 after the coupons have been deducted and get an additional $5 off. You can’t beat that! Same with laundry detergent. That stuff is so expensive, so why not take advantage of the $5 coupon to help defray the cost? Just always remember one thing, if you use manufacturer coupons make sure that your order is over the $25 mark after the coupons have been deducted. Even if your total after coupons is $25.01 you will still get the $5 off.

Even if you don’t like to purchase your food or toiletries at Dollar General, do you like to store things in totes? Those little buggers can be expensive, so why not buy $25 worth and save $5?

Hey I work hard for my money, so every penny or dollar that I save is worth it! I hope that others can do the same.




2 thoughts on “Dollar General Savings

    • Theresa, it seems that there is a Dollar General in every town here is the US. I am just not sure if everyone issues that same coupon like I receive on my receipts. With the cost of everything continuing to climb, I have to be smart with our money.

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