Ice Jam

With the crazy winter that we have been having, it doesn’t come as any surprise that our local rivers and creeks have frozen over. I think that this winter was the coldest that we have had in a long time here in NW PA. I live near a creek that actually is as big as a river in some places. Thankfully we live on a hill so anytime that the creek rises we personally don’t have to worry about flooding. It has warmed up a lot this week so we have been under a flood warning in our county.   Last night we decided to go out to eat and when we got down our road we noticed the part of the creek that is near our house just seemed higher but the ice was on the side of the banks. A little farther down the road we came to another bridge and lets just say that it looked like the movie Ice Age came to our neck of the woods.

creek pic four

The bridge in the picture is the one that we were going to cross but decided to pull off and take some pictures.

creek pic three

This one puts it in a little more perspective. It was a beautiful, breathtaking view but at the same time it was also a little scary. If you listened closely you could hear the ice moving and cracking.
creek pic one

This angle is facing down stream and I can only imagine what some of the homes were going to face. There was one home that sits so close to the edge of the creek that the ice was at their back door.

creek pic two

Mother Nature’s fury left behind a beautiful scene for us to watch, if only for a few minutes. When we came back through a couple of hours later, the jam had broke and moved down stream.

This was something that I have never seen before and I was in awe of nature and all that it does have to offer.





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