Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

Awhile back I had posted a recipe for homemade ranch dressing. While it tasted good, I wasn’t fond of how runny it was. Well I have been tweaking several recipes that I have found on the internet. I tried one and it was too thick, so I tried it again with additions from another recipe that I found and I think that it tastes pretty good. I had some chicken and turkey bacon leftover in the fridge so I thought that I would make a chicken bacon ranch salad for lunch to see how it was. Delicious!!! It has been several years since I have had a good ranch dressing on a salad that I can eat without guilt. This one is fat free but does have some sodium in it from the mayo, milk and yogurt.


I used one quarter cup of plain Greek yogurt.


One quarter cup of fat free mayo.


Whisk the two together thoroughly.


Then add in 1/2 tsp garlic salt ( I used garlic powder ), 1/2 tsp each parsley, onion powder and dried dill, a dash of black pepper and if you desire a dash of paprika. Whisk all together. I then added two tablespoons of milk and whisked again to make it thinner.


I could have made it thinner but I don’t like a runny dressing. I have to say that this was the first salad that I enjoyed with ranch on it since my heart attack. I used to be a ranch dressing junkie. I would dip anything in it whether it was chicken, French fries, onion rings or even pizza. This isn’t a recipe like you would find in a restaurant that makes it in bulk, but it is tasty.

The great thing about this recipe is that I always have the ingredients on hand so there is never any running to the store at the last minute if I want to make it.

This one is a keeper for now, but who knows I might try to tweak it some more the next time I make it :).




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