On The Go Breakfast

Are your mornings as hectic as mine? Seriously, some mornings get pretty hectic around here. Between packing lunches, getting ready for work and making sure that the cat is not into anything I wonder how I have time to make myself a breakfast. My daughter is more pressed for time than I am in the mornings so doesn’t eat too much at home. She sometimes takes a breakfast with her like a muffin or a granola bar.

I buy breakfast sausage at my local mom and pop store as it is made fresh and has less fat in it. I actually have to spray the pan so that it won’t stick while cooking. It tastes great and I have even mixed it with hamburger for burgers on the grill. Gives burgers a new meaning :). Anyway, I had some biscuits leftover from a stew that I had made this week and I thought to make some sausage biscuits for breakfasts.  It will be a quick warm meal for anyone to heat in the microwave themselves.


This was a one pound package of the sausage that I made into little patties.


Fry them up until done and if there is any grease, pat the grease off.


This was my daughters breakfast this morning. She was exceptionally hungry so she made eggs and had two sandwiches. I make my own biscuits, but you could use the kind that come in the tubes. You know the kind that you always seem to have to smack on the counter to open? Yea those…..

You could put anything on them. Cheese, eggs, anything that your heart desires. I think that a little jalapeno sounds tasty but I know that some people wouldn’t want that first thing in the morning. Keep the already made biscuits in the bread box and the sausage made up and in the fridge and you are good to go in the mornings! My daughter wants me to make some fried eggs to leave in the fridge so that she can just heat them up to make an egg, sausage biscuit. Hmm, that just might work if she puts some cheese on top too!

These taste better than anything that you would get in a fast food joint and is sooo much cheaper. Just heat and eat. Keep some oj and coffee on hand and your day will start off with a full belly!




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