Healthy Bargains

It seems that within the last several weeks, the prices have risen more at the grocery store. But at the same time I have come across some really good bargains to stock up on for future use. Yes you can find some healthy food cheap enough. I do prefer to eat as fresh as possible, but there are times that some non perishables are needed to make a meal. When those items go on sale, STOCK UP! You never know if the prices will go up by your next trip to the store.


I love Panko for a breading. One could argue that I could make my own bread crumbs, but there is actually more sodium in bread than in Panko, plus this is crunchier and I love it! It normally retails for $2.69 and all that I paid was $1.09 each with sales and coupons. The Miracle Whip was on sale and with my coupons I paid $2.00 each. I don’t normally buy applesauce in cups unless my son is home as he uses it in lunches that can be thrown away. These don’t expire until December of 2015 so I stocked up for him for when he will be going to work after college is over. They are unsweetened and only cost me $1.00 each compared to the regular price of $2.49. The canned chilies are one of those items that I love to have on hand. They are great for adding some spice to meals like my Mexican Chicken. This is one of those not so healthy items that I do splurge on. Normally they cost $1.oo each but with my coupons I dropped the price to 50¢ each. The total for everything here was $19.45. Retail price would have been over $40. I am not sure what I purchased to get a $2.50 off my next order coupon to print out, but it came in handy for my next trip.


I went back to make another trip during the same sale as I found some coupons for the cereal and bacon that was on sale. At my last trip I received a coupon for $2 off any men’s Suave shampoo. My store price is $1.50. Can you say free? I actually was able to use the overage towards my order. The cereal was on sale for $2.00 a box and I had two 75¢ off coupons which makes them 50¢ a box when the coupon was doubled. Also when you purchased two boxes you would get $1.00 off of any berries. Blackberries were on sale B1G1F. With the $1.00 off I paid $3.00 for two packages. With the sales and coupons, I paid $1.00 each for the turkey bacon. When I used the previous checkout coupon for $2.50 off my next order on this order, and used the overage from the shampoo, I ended up paying $3.00 out of my pocket for everything in the picture! That is less than the normal price of one box of cereal!

It can be possible to save with coupons on healthy food. There might not be coupons for healthy food every time that you shop, but when there is a chance to stock up on those items, do it. I would love it if I could find coupons for produce every time I shop. The bulk of my shopping each week is fresh veggies and fruits and those prices add up quickly. I do compare the price of a bag of apples to a bag of chips. They might cost the same, but the apples will fill you up quicker and are way healthier. I try to keep that philosophy when shopping.

Now if I can convince my family that the apple tastes like a potato chip then I would be considered Wonder Woman, right?



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