Through A Mothers Eyes

A mother will cry when their little one is born.

A mother will hold their child’s hand when learning how to walk, and will teach them how to talk.

A mother will cry when their little one goes off to school for the first time.

In the blink of an eye, your child grew into an adult.

That is how I have been feeling lately. I think that the realization of my children being adults has finally kicked in. My son will graduate college in May and I am not sure where the time has gone. Both of my children have grown into respecting, honest adults and I am so proud of them. It seems like yesterday that they were little. I enjoyed my children when they were little, but it really does seem that is went by way too fast. As a mom, I spent time making sure that they had food in their bellies, clothes on their backs and a warm bed to sleep in. I was there for their first steps, first cries, and first boo boos.

As the years moved on, I was there for their first party at school, first friendships made, and first lost tooth.

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I was there for every time someone had to get ready for a high school dance, or the prom. Helping with the hairstyles, making sure that the tie is tied just right, or finding someone’s brush.

I was there when they both got their drivers license. Those proud moments that will always stick in my mind. The smiles that shine when they held up their licenses when they came in the mail. Those pearly white smiles that shown after years of having braces. After those many painful trips to the orthodontist…….

Through a mothers eyes, I have seen both the happy times and the heartache of growing up. The laughter and tears of talking through problems and growing pains will always stay with me. I have heard my children talk, listening with an open ear, and a closed mouth. If they will trust me with their problems, I know that I can trust them.


As a mother knows the love for their children, the children will know the love from their mother. I am their mother first, friend second. I have seen so much come from those two little children that would fight one minute then sit together in front of the tv the next.

Through my eyes, I have seen my children accomplish so much already in their lives. Jobs, relationships and just the way they have grown is such an accomplishment. I can only hope and pray that they will continue on that path in their lives.  I am proud to call them my children.

A former co worker once asked me if I cried when my son left for college for the first time and if I still cried when he would come home for a break, I replied “YES”. That was the first year he was in college. I don’t cry anymore when he goes back. But……

Through a mothers eyes tears will always flow…………………


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