Savings 2014 – Beauty On A Budget

What we women go through to look beautiful. It can cost a lot of money if you go to the salon to get your hair done every month. Then if you go to get your nails done, well the price of that is just ridiculous. I have never had my nails professionally done. Why bother when I always seem to have my hands in dishwater? I do wear makeup just about everyday and I style my hair everyday as well.

Start with makeup. You can spend your money on the top of the line, big bucks makeup or you can spend your money on “drug store” makeup. I prefer to buy “drug store” makeup. I am, however, loyal to a certain brand when it comes to powder, blush and mascara. I don’t wear foundation, I do use a moisturizer on my face as soon as I get out of the shower. I ALWAYS buy my makeup with coupons. If I find a great coupon for so much off when I buy two of my favorite items, then I will buy two. So what if it sits there for maybe a month, it won’t go bad until I can use it if it stays in its original wrapper until I need it. At least I won’t have to pay full price for it later. Same goes for my facial moisturizer. I am also brand loyal to that as well, and when there is a coupon for it I will buy it. The same goes for nail products. My daughter does her nails all of the time with products from a drug store and always get compliments on them. She even does her own French tips and no she doesn’t use the cheap stick on kinds. She will actually paint them and they turn out great. Again, there are usually coupons out for nail polish and the accessories for your nails so it does help on the budget. Some stores have great sales on makeup and nail items so that when you combine the coupons with the sales, there isn’t much coming out of your pocket.

Hair products are another one of those items that can be had pretty cheap if you watch the sales and combine coupons. When our favorite products go on sale, I stock up on them. My favorite hairspray is normally over $3 normal price, but on sale with a coupon I can get it for $1.50 or less. My daughter likes to get highlights in her hair, plus works in a professional office so she always has to look presentable so she will pay our beautician to get her hair done. Our beautician is very reasonably priced so that is a help on the hair budget. Me on the other hand, well I am allergic to the drug store hair color. One time several years ago I had a terrible reaction to something. I landed in the ER twice in one week with extremely high bp and facial and hand swelling. The only thing that I had done differently was colored my hair and had tried a certain kind of baked beans. The dr didn’t think that it was either and thinks that I have Angioedema, but also told me that if I ever come in contact again with whatever caused my reaction it could probably kill me. Ok!! So now I go au natural on the hair color. The only natural color that I have liked is Henna. (I receive no paid endorsement from them) It isn’t too bad in price if you buy it on sale on their site. I purchased my last six packages when they ran a sale on it and gave free shipping. It turned out to be around $6 per color. Not too bad considering some of the over the counter items are around the same or more.


For a while I was taking my hair color to my beautician to help me color my hair because it really is hard to do by myself. It isn’t the normal hair color :). Now I let my daughter do it for me. We just gathered up all of the supplies seen here, except the pretzels. That was our snack for the afternoon.


This is what it looks like, a gloppy mess. Oh and the smell, lets say if there was such a thing as smellavision then you would be smelling spinach. Yes this goes on my hair! Oh what I go through just to color my hair. And my poor daughter….well lets just say that when it is time to rinse my hair, she actually gets into the tub to help me rinse my hair.


I actually can’t believe that I am putting this on here but this is the color glop on my hair with a cap over it. It sits for 1 to 2 hours in my hair and it gets really crusty when the time is up. That is why I lean over the tub and my daughter gets in to help. I can’t put the stuff on or take it off by myself. The strange thing is my hair looks green with the color on, but when done it is a reddish blonde when done. By doing this at home, I am saving around $20 for the time it would take for my beautician to do it.

265 edit

Can you believe that the green turns to this? Amazing isn’t it?

When purchasing your makeup, lotions etc always check local dollar stores. Sometimes our local Dollar Tree has name brands in their store and you can use a coupon as well. I have found lipstick and nail polish in dollar stores that, even though they might not be name brand, still work just as well as their counterparts. Our local Giant Eagle sometimes puts carts out with discounted items in them. I have scoured those carts and have found my favorite lotion in the travel size bottles for pennies, makeup, ad even those pore strips. This same store will let me use coupons on the discounted prices so that can make free or very cheap items. I love when they do that.

It is a job trying to look beautiful isn’t it?





2 thoughts on “Savings 2014 – Beauty On A Budget

  1. That’s great that you can save money doing your hair this way! (You’re beautiful, by the way!!) The color came out very nice. I’ve never dyed my hair, and I hope that I’ll go gray very naturally so that I don’t ever have to, lol. I’m almost 50 and don’t have an issue yet!!

    As far as makeup, I have to be careful what I put on my face, so at least the facial lotion I use is organic. I spend a little more on it, but I know that the ingredients won’t give my skin a bad reaction.

    It’s great to be as frugal as possible in the “beauty” area of our lives!!

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment! My gray is mostly in the front so it looks weird when I don’t color it. I was hoping that I was going to be one of those persons that would go gray all over, but no such luck. If you have to spend a little more on your makeup because of allergies, then by all means do it. It beats having a reaction. If the items that you use go on sale, stock up if you can. Every little bit helps!

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