Cooking From the Pantry

I have posted a recipe before about making macaroni and cheese in the crockpot. You all know that I cook low or fat free and low salt so it will come as no surprise that this recipe is the same way. It was a cold day yesterday and I thought that everyone would like a dish that as hearty but yet healthy. I was on Pinterest found this recipe so I thought that I would give it a try. I didn’t have any low fat cheddar in the fridge but I did have low fat Mexican blend cheese as it is lower in sodium. It turned out fantastic and everyone loved it. I think that this one is a keeper in our house. I was also happy that with the fact that I had everything in the house to make it thanks to my stockpile!


I knew that my family wouldn’t be happy with just that for dinner so I looked in my pantry for something else to go with it, maybe a dessert. Yep, I found a box brownie mix that I had purchased at a scratch and dent store for 75¢ and I also found a container of frosting that I found at a discount store. Almond Joy frosting…….need I say more????


Now it is rare that I eat sugary, fat laden brownies but I made an exception last night and had two bites with the frosting on it. It was the best chocolatey treat that I have had in a long time. I think that I was daydreaming of a far away place when I was eating it :). If you love the candy bar with the same name then you will love this frosting. My daughter was wondering if it would be any good melted in her hot chocolate…I might have to try it out for her! This is the last thing that I need to be eating but it sounds oh so good.

I love having things in my pantry to whip up at the last minute. In this case, I was on Pinterest and saw the mac n cheese recipe and thought that I would give it a try. Even if you don’t have the exact item in your pantry, improvise. I didn’t have the cheddar, but I had a different kind of cheese. The recipe also called for a low sodium chicken broth. I didn’t have the low sodium broth on hand, but I do have sodium free bouillon on hand so I just improvised. It still turned out great.

Moral of this story is always keep your pantry full and if your dinner is healthy, have a gooey delicious and so addicting dessert to fill your belly!




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