Wintertime Ramblings

The temperatures have been bitter cold, and when you add in the blowing winds you are talking winds chills well below zero. Having the day off today I have decided to stay home to keep the fire burning so to speak. When we woke up this morning to an inside temperature of 60 degrees and the outside temperature at -12, I knew that our new heating system wasn’t keeping up with the extreme cold. I decided to do things around the house to keep warm. Here are some of my rambling moments so far today.


Earlier in the morning I made some refrigerator dough. This is very versatile and I plan on making some dinner rolls for our Italian casserole tonight. I will also make some cinnamon rolls with it. Putting the oven on will help warm up the place a little.


Keeping the fire going in the woodstove. This helps with heating the basement and part of the upstairs. The heat will rise up the stairs and into the kitchen.


Lilly was sleeping on the couch in the basement and I must have disturbed her when I put wood in the stove  because she doesn’t look happy with me right now. I joke with everyone that the basement is the “Lilly Pad”, but no one around here likes my sense of humor :). It looked so warm and cozy I actually thought about laying down with her.


Since I didn’t lay down with the cat, I figured that I better start the laundry. At least if I keep moving I will keep warm, right?


Lilly decided to come upstairs with me to check out the birdies at the bird feeder. Notice the rug is pushed up the door a little. This is a newer door but you can feel cold air when the winds blows, so I tucked the rug up against it.


Now it is time for a little snack of home canned blueberries over some homemade cornbread. Add a cup of hot tea and I feel a little warmer now.

How are you staying warm today?





4 thoughts on “Wintertime Ramblings

  1. I am RIGHT there with you. It was -17 here this morning (temp, not wind chill) and second day off of school. I have a bath towel between my kitchen faucet and window. That spot is so cold. Then one of our cars wouldn’t start either… Luckily we were safe at home. My daughter and I spent so much time on the couch reading I gave myself a back ache. Too much lounge lizard :). We are back up to O Deg F so hang in there!

  2. warm jammies, blanket, and a hot water bottle… and nice cup of hot tea/coco/coffee… Its been single digits all day here in NJ… Tomorrow I have to work but it suppose to warm up to the 20’s if I remember correctly but itll be a sweater & turtle neck day… the office is always cold… stay warm and stay safe!!!

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