Savings 2014 – Buying in Bulk

I have to post about this today even though I have talked about buying in bulk before. There is a winter storm brewing across the country and people are scrambling at the stores and clearing the shelves of food. I find it amusing when people do this. I can see maybe buying some milk if you are low, or maybe even some bread. But in my world and some other people that I know, we always have a well stocked pantry so we aren’t looking like lunatics at the last minute before a storm.


We will not need toilet paper or any toiletries during the storm. I always buy items that we need on a daily basis when it is on sale and with a coupon. I don’t like paying full price for anything at any time.


I can’t reiterate it enough that you should buy items to restock your pantry. Don’t just buy items to make a meal. That costs you money and if you are the type that buys items on a daily basis, then you will be the one shopping at the last minute before a storm.


There are items in the pantry in the kitchen that are a staple in our house. I can whip up anything at anytime no matter what the weather may be. And I am sure that you have noticed the junk food on my shelves. GASP!!! Yes, I do occasionally have some here for everyone else, especially at the holidays.


Storing canned goods is an excellent way to stay prepared for a storm. If you are like us and cook with electric and if it goes out, you can eat items straight from a can if you had to. Everything in our house is electric except our woodstove for heating the basement. If we had to, we can heat food on top of it. As much as I like to eat as fresh as possible, I do keep healthy canned goods on hand. That way if we should run out of fresh food, then we do have a back up.


Keeping food purchased in bulk requires ways to store it. Personally I like pretty jars to store things like flour, sugar, cornmeal, popcorn, and spices. To the left of the mixer is some bottled water. I always keep some on hand for the times that the electric goes off. We have a well so if the electric goes off, so does the water. I can buy it cheap enough at Aldi so that is something to stock up on as well.

Buying in bulk doesn’t just have to apply to food. To stay prepared for storms like this one, it makes sense to buy batteries, candles and matches in bulk. If one can save money from buying food in bulk, then buying a generator is a great idea. It can be used just to keep your food from spoiling in your fridge and freezer.

Some people argue that if you still have to go to work then you can still go to the store during a storm. That is true to a point. You can still go to the store, but will the store still have anything on the shelf when you get there? If everyone clears the shelves and the stores don’t get any deliveries due to the bad roads, then YOU are out of luck! I prefer not to be the one out of luck. I also saved money by purchasing everything I need when it was on sale or I grew it and preserved it myself.

I am ready for the storm. I do have to work on Monday, but the rest of the time will be spent inside cleaning and taking down the Christmas decorations, and reorganizing my pantry :).





4 thoughts on “Savings 2014 – Buying in Bulk

  1. We are about to get the intense cold here… -15F, -45 wind chills. School closed on Monday and Tues possibly. Even the grocery store is closing at 8 pm. Of course, by yesterday afternoon there was no milk to be had at many stores.
    Your pantry is inspiring! I look forward to getting back to restocking. It seems like since mid Dec we alternate between dangerous cold and gobs of snow. I

    • I hear you about the snow and cold. This winter is reminding me of the Little House book called The Long Winter. It just never seems to end. I popped into our local store this morning to get the newspapers and there were a lot of people buying the basics. I am just hoping that I don’t have to drive to and from work tomorrow in a mountain of snow.

  2. I admire the way you have everything so well organized. I keep a fairly well stocked pantry. It is so convenient to keep a good supply of items that I use all of the time on hand. I have discovered canned evaporated milk to be a big help when I am cooking and run low on regular milk. I keep several cans on hand. It is -3 degrees here with close to 12 inches of snow on the ground. I does seem like “The Long Winter” that Country Lady mentioned in her comment……and it is only January 6!

    • Thank you for the kind words. Another thing to keep on hand is powdered milk. It is great for baking and cooking with. While I am typing this it is -12 outside with the winds howling.

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