Savings 2014 – Cooking From Scratch

Trying to save money is hard. If you can sit down, make out a budget and allocate money for every bill that you have whether it is the electric bill or groceries, then you are on the right track. The best place to start out saving money is your groceries. That is one place that your bill will fluctuate. Sit down and see if you can cut $50 out of your grocery budget. If you shop weekly, then you just saved $200 a month!!

One way to help reduce your grocery budget is by cooking from scratch. Why pay for convenience? Ordering a pizza for $20 is easy, but you can make the same at home for pennies on the dollar. It isn’t hard to cook from scratch. If you can follow a recipe then you can cook from scratch.


Heck there are times that I don’t even follow a recipe. If I have any leftovers in the fridge, I will turn them into a soup or stew. A pound of hamburger, leftover veggies and potatoes and some spices can make a tasty stew. That is a meal that can be stretched into several meals.

Keep in mind that when you cook from scratch, it is a money saver to keep your kitchen well stocked. A well stocked pantry that was stocked with sale price or homegrown food is a HUGE money saver! You will not be running to the store at the last minute for an item that you may need. Think of those times when you come home from work and think that you don’t want to cook. If you can turn to your cupboards and find a few things to throw into a pot, then you just saved money because you didn’t eat out.

Don’t throw your leftovers away! Throwing food away is like throwing money away. We had leftover raw veggies and dip from a veggie tray at Christmas. I also had a can of crescent rolls so I thought I would try making veggie pizza without the cream cheese. You know what? Everyone loved it! If I had thrown away the veggies and dip, we wouldn’t of had an appetizer to go with our meal.

I cannot stress enough that cooking from scratch saves you so much on your grocery budget. There are other ways as well, like couponing, bulk purchasing, and sale items. These ways will help you stock your kitchen so that you will be able to cook from scratch.





6 thoughts on “Savings 2014 – Cooking From Scratch

    • Believe me, it isn’t hard at all. I remember when I was a teenager my mom would always ask me to help in the kitchen and I wouldn’t. When I go married, Mom was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to cook so she got me a PA State Grange cookbook for a Christmas present and told me that if I ever needed help, just to call. Now I cook from scratch, make bread and can what our garden produces. I even help my hubby with cutting up our venison when he gets a deer. Needless to say my mom just recently told me that I surprised her with everything that I have accomplished. That meant a lot.

  1. Another awesome blog entry, darlin’! One of our favorite soups is made from leftover hambone simmered for hours, then throw in whatever veggies we have on hand, but always onions and cabbage. Homemade bread is far easier than people believe; in fact, when I taught preschool on Oak Island, I always did it with my four year olds, and every year they each got to proudly take home a loaf of bread that they made themselves. It never failed! 🙂

    Love your blog. ❤

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