Frugal Comforts 2014

I”m back! Wow it has been a crazy holiday. My son, who is home from college, ended up at the doctors office on Christmas Eve morning with what I thought were some symptoms of meningitis, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. A muscle relaxer was all that was needed for his stiff neck, head and back pain. When your grown son lays on the couch in cold sweats and in severe pain, the momma in me kicks in and gets very concerned. So needless to say our Christmas was very quiet and peaceful, but still enjoyable at the same time.

With the holiday over, I am looking ahead to 2014 and saving money. I am always careful not to put too much on our credit card during the holiday. Heck I don’t like to put much on the credit card anytime, but I am happy to say that we have no debt from Christmas! My savings that I am implementing is to help pay down/off our car loan, our new roof and our new heating/ac unit that we had installed last summer. Add some other minor incidents that have come our way, and money always seems to go down the drain quickly. I am ready to do some major savings and try to get these things paid off as soon as possible. While I am a frugal person by nature and love saving money, I also believe in comfort. I don’t believe in starving yourself of food or home comfort.

While I fully believe in saving every penny, I also believe in looking respectable in public and also having a comfortable home. I love buying a new pair of earrings or maybe a new to me homemade doily, but I will check out the thrift shop first before going to the store. If I can get something for a quarter, that isn’t too bad. I might go weeks without buying a single thing, but then I might go to the thrift shop and find something that I love. I will set the table for dinner and use pretty cloth napkins that I found at a garage sale, light a candle that I bought at the dollar store and enjoy my frugal meal made with food that was either homegrown or bought on sale cheap. It is a comfort that I can take in without breaking the bank. It makes you feel rich in the feeling of what you can do on a limited budget.


I am going to share some ideas and ways that I try to save money in upcoming posts. I am starting it off by saying that I am going to stop buying paper napkins and drag out all of my cloth napkins that I have had for years. When my children were little, that is all that we used and little by little I started getting away from them. No more money spent on the paper ones! I am going to find a pretty basket that I am sure I have stashed in my closet and roll up the napkins and put them in the basket for easy access for anyone that may need one. I will still buy paper towels as I like to use them with a homemade cleaner to clean counters and sinks with. It is cheaper than buying the pre-moistened cleaning wipes and less that I have to throw away. When we have used a napkin, I just toss them in the washer with my other towels. They all get washed together so there is no extra water and detergent being used either. I do the same with my dish rags. My mom knits them and gives me some throughout the year and I just wash them with my towels as well. Occasionally I will soak my dish cloths in bleach water to get the “smell” out of them before I wash them as usual.

I am interested in hearing how everyone else saves money. Do you practice frugality to the extreme or do you do it like me and still like to have some things that are comforting to you and your home? Let me know how you are frugal!





12 thoughts on “Frugal Comforts 2014

  1. I am so glad your son is OK, that must of been so scary!
    I am ready to be so frugal in 2014, our income has increased a bit and husband and I both want to get serious about paying off our only debt. It may take a couple years but I know we can do it and then maybe he could even retire early.
    We’ve used cloth napkins for years, first by absolute necessity, and now because we just prefer cloth. I do keep some paper ones as company prefers those.
    My biggest plan for savings in 2014 is to plan ahead and to also cut our grocery bill. Seems to me that planning ahead and having time to look for the best deals saves so much instead of just going out and buying something at the last minute.
    hope we both meet our goals in 14!

    • Planning ahead is the key. I have been lax in the coupon area lately and anyone that knows me knows that is a sin :). I missed out on some bargains because I left my coupons at home yesterday. I was kicking myself for it as I could have bought some razors dirt cheap. I hope that you and I both meet our goals in ’14.

  2. I am glad your son was ok and was home in time for some TLC.
    I see the comment above me and I too have been really lax in the couponing department lately. I need to reorganize… Maybe during all these football playoff games in the coming weeks.
    I like to try to balance frugality and comforts. We have been spending like it’s vacation time and need to reign that in so we can focus on our 2014 goals.
    Happy, healthy 2014 to you!

    • I am starting my coupon cutting and organization tonight so I can stop at some stores on my way home from work tomorrow, have to save on gas too! May we all have a healthy and frugal 2014!

  3. I am like you. I want to be a good steward of the resources God has blessed my family with. I never want to become a miser.
    Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts.

  4. No one would ever accuse me of being extreme in the frugal department, but I do what I can. We’ve been using cloth napkins for over two years now and couldn’t imagine going back to paper.

    The area in which I am most successful in my frugality is the kitchen. High quality ingredients are very important to us and we buy much of our food directly from local farmers. But I save a lot of money by making nearly everything we eat from scratch. We also lacto-ferment foods to preserve them and I brew my own kombucha.

    Now if I can just learn how to sew…

    • I agree with being frugal in the kitchen. I don’t think that some people realize how much money can be saved cooking from scratch. Even if you don’t buy food locally, but buying as fresh as you can afford to and cooking it at home is a real money saver. I am with you on the sewing. I can mend things, and I can crochet and cross stitch, but I cannot make clothes!

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